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A Miami-Dade police officer is currently under investigation after surveillance cameras caught him shooting a family dog.

The video shows the police officer having a conversation with a resident before the person steps back inside their house. Then, two barking family dogs run out and approach the police officer. The officer shoots at the American Bully puppy seven times. Upon hearing the noise, the dogs’ owners run out of the house, and the woman can be heard screaming as she sees her dog.

Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, said, “This incident did not have had to happen if the officer had been properly trained. We must do better to protect our 4-legged family members. This 8-month-old puppy, Alpha, displayed no aggression and did not deserve to die like this.”

Alpha, the American Bully puppy, died of his injuries. His owners have retained an attorney as many agreed that the officer used excessive force against the barking puppy.

Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence. A few months ago, one officer shot a 911 caller’s dog and in 2019, an officer shot another small dog for barking.

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