Recently, Inkster, Michigan police officers responded to a 911 call, in which a man reported that there was a fight near a gas station he was at.  Brad Brock, the caller, could never have imagined how devastating that one decision would end up being.

Brock had been with his dog, who was unleashed at the gas station waiting for Inkster police to arrive. The dog, Moose, eagerly approached the officer. The police officer shot Moose four times. Brock took Moose to a veterinary office, where he was declared dead.

Brock insists that Moose was simply a friendly dog and approached the officer to greet him. The officer insisted that he feared being attacked, and the force said that the officer’s body camera stopped working just before the shooting.

The police force issued a statement saying, “The members of the Inkster Police Department are without question saddened by the loss of anyone’s pet, and we send our sympathy to the owner, however, it is incumbent on pet owners to be responsible with their animals. In this instance, you have a pet owner who had a dog near the main thoroughfare, with high numbers of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, without a leash. And without sufficient control of the animal. Again, this investigation is ongoing.”

Brock said, “Even after he was shot, he was still wagging his tail. He was still wagging his tail. He was just such a loving dog. He was just such a loving boy.”

While people should of course keep their dogs on leashes, this tragic story should never have ended the way it did. Officers need to learn how to handle such situations without resorting to lethal weapons. They need proper training to know how to tell the difference between a happy and aggressive dog, as well as learn how to protect themselves without killing a poor animal.

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