With all the undercover factory farm footage out there, it’s so refreshing to see a fun video of turkeys just being themselves. Did you know they had so much personality?

In this clip, a gang of baby turkeys chirp cheerfully as they roam free in their spacious grassy yard, pecking at plants and the ground and peeping at the camera curiously with their cute, bright black eyes. There’s no doubt this is a healthy bunch, demonstrating what life for all turkeys should be like. Watch until the end to see what these little poults find lying in the grass.

Don’t worry about our video stars ending up as Thanksgiving entrees. This was filmed at The Farm Sanctuary, where farm animals enjoy protected lives on sunny pastures, free from the confinement and cruelty that defines the meat industry. The attitudes of the turkeys in this clip show that they can tell the difference and appreciate the chance at a better life.

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