As many Americans prepare to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, there are countless lives being lost to the tradition. Each Thanksgiving over 46 million turkeys lose their lives for human consumption and the suffering that comes beforehand is unimaginable. Even on “humane” turkey farms, these innocent birds endure extreme suffering and neglect. Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) recently rescued a turkey named Abby from one of these so-called “humane” turkey farms. The conditions they exposed were beyond inhumane.

When the DxE team arrived, the first thing they noticed was the incredible amount of baby turkeys packed into insanely tight quarters – 10,000 or more. Birds were being trampled, some were suffering from disease, and others were actually being eaten alive. The team returned on a mission to save at least one sweet soul. Abby was that one. While others picked up other birds in need, Abby was the apple of one of the rescuers eye.


The rescuers worked in the night and walked through the snow to get Abby to safety. She was taken immediately to receive medical care and was shown kindness for the first time in her life. She was kissed, caressed, and cared for. Abby transformed from a sickly baby bird on her deathbed to a beautiful, happy, and free bird that loves to play with her new dog friends. Remember, while saving one animal may not change the world, surely for that one animal, the world will change forever.