The team at Ocean Conservation Namibia does incredible work! Their channel is full of seals that they rescue from entanglement in waste, such as plastic packaging and fishing materials. By freeing these animals, Ocean Conservation Namibia helps improve the lives of so many seals every day.

During one of their recent rescues, Antoine and Naude split up to catch seal pups that both had plastic around their necks. The first pup had a thin piece of plastic that was so tightly wound around his neck that it left a deep cut on his skin. Fortunately, the wound was clean, so once they cut peeled off the plastic, the team was able to safely release the pup. Then, the team went to work on the next seal pup, who was patiently waiting in their net. They quickly cut the plastic packaging off from his neck and unzipped the net to let him go.

To their surprise, the baby seal didn’t want to leave his rescuers! Although nothing was stopping him, the seal remained there, fascinated by the men who had just saved his life. The look on his face is adorable! After a few pets and a little bit of encouragement, the seal finally went back out to join his group.

We’re so happy that these seals now get to live their lives uninhibited by plastic waste. To see more of these amazing rescues, check out Ocean Conservation Namibia’s Youtube channel. To support them, subscribe to their Patreon or donate here!

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