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The commercial seal hunt in Canada takes thousands of victims every year – usually, they are the youngest and most vulnerable animals, clubbed to death for their meat and pelts. This unbelievable annual practice, described by Humane Society International as “the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet,” clearly should not be taking place any longer and has already been going on for much too long. In 2014, the Canadian government’s hunt quota was a shocking 400,000 seals. And, despite international opposition, the end of this bloodshed is nowhere in sight.

More than 36 countries, including United States, the European Union nations, Russia, and Switzerland, have already banned commercial, non-aboriginal trade of seal products in an effort for the seal slaughters to end. Moreover, polls show that most Canadians themselves want an end of commercial sealing – and a fair transition program for commercial sealers.

Commercial seal hunt is shrouded in misinformation – much of it perpetrated by the Canadian government itself, as International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) points out in its Care2 petition aimed at stopping the hunts. Although scientists at Fisheries and Oceans have already clarified that harp seals are not impacting cod recovery, the animals are still targeted, Canada’s Members of Parliament (MP) insisting that seal populations must be reduced in order to protect cod stocks. MPs use an antiquated claim that sealing makes up 35 percent of a fisherman’s income, even though the figure has also been already refuted. According to the petition, recent statistics say that a commercial sealer on average makes less than 1,700 dollars a year from sealing.

The commercial seal hunt on the East Coast also has to be distinguished from the Inuit hunt, the petition emphasizes. The cruel and completely unnecessary commercial sealing industry simply cannot be supported any longer – while Inuit struggle when it comes to food security.

Demand for products from the commercial seal hunt is declining and the general Support for the practice is lower than ever – it is time to finally put an end to the hunts once and for all. Click here to sign IFAW’s petition to Canada’s MPs to cease spreading misinformation about the case and stop the East Coast seal hunt!

Image source: skeeze/Pixabay