Schitt Creek star, Dan Levy, announced on his Instagram that his beloved pet dog, Redmond, had passed away.

The TV star shared a photo of him and Redmond chilling out on a couch. He often used this platform to encourage his fans to adopt pets instead of buying them, as Redmond was a rescue dog.

Dan Levy said on his Instagram, “Last week I lost my best friend. Heartbroken but grateful for every minute of the last ten years that I got to spend with him. I love you, my sweet boy. I adopted Redmond when he was four years old. He had been mistreated and abandoned at an adoption fair in Los Angeles. Finding him was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. If you are looking for a pet, first make sure you’ve thought it through and that you have the means to care for them properly, THEN please please please consider adopting. There are so many animals just waiting for a better life.” 

We all feel deeply for Levy’s pain right now as saying goodbye to a pet is very difficult to deal with, no matter who you are.

In a previous interview, Levy had referred to Redmond as his best friend, saying that his dog was, “better than all of us.”

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