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Anyone who has cared for a dog knows they are more that just a pet. Our dogs are friends, caretakers, playmates, and so much more. When you spend your life in the company of a dog, they become like your other half and losing them can be devastating. Although it is true that a dog never really dies and they live on forever in hearts, not having your four-legged sidekick by your side is tough.

Photographer Maria Sharp, knows just how hard saying goodbye to a dog can be. Recently, Maria had to let go of her faithful companion, Chubby. To document the wonderful time she had spent with her special, furry best friend, Maria compiled all their best memories into a collection of photos. Our hearts go out to Maria for her loss. Here is the story of Chubby and Maria.

Maria was seven years old when Chubby came into her life.

Before she even laid eyes on Chubby, Maria had picked out her name. For months, whenever her mother had free time, the pair would set out looking for the perfect “Chubby” in local animal shelters. 

When they finally found the right Chubby, she immediately became an irreplaceable member of the family. Maria writes, “Chubby was my person.” 

Like any good best friend, Chubby was there for all the most important moments in Maria’s life. Maria explains, “it’s so weird she’s laying on my legs [in this picture]. I think I was more of her best friend than I realized.”

Chubby also mastered the art of kamikaze kisses and photobombs.

As Maria grew, so did Chubby.

Maria’s mother writes, “My funniest moment of Chubby and Maria was when Maria decided to dress Chubby in my intimate apparel and walk her down the street. I couldn’t believe it.”

It seems that Chubby grew into her name quite well.

“When I didn’t have anyone to hang out with I hung out with Chubby and I took selfies that weren’t called selfies yet. You have no idea how many I had to weed through…”

Chubby was there when Maria left her college. We’re sure she reminded Maria to remember the important things, like napping.

When Maria came home, Chubby was always there ready to catch up on missed kisses.

With the invention of Instagram and Vine, Chubby became a bit of an internet star.

How could you not share the picture of this sweet face? Her ears say so perfectly “yes, I am that adorable.”

This picture won a “Pet Selfie” contest at the local vet.

Everyone who had the pleasure of meeting Chubby marveled at her loving disposition and bright personality.

But, like all dogs, Chubby started to get old. Her health started to decline and she began losing her sight.

When she was diagnosed with the dog version of Alzheimer’s, Maria started to realize that the day she always dreaded was near. 

Maria was determined to make the most of Chubby’s final days and took this portrait session to remember her best friend.

Suzanne Price/Suzuran Photography

Although saying goodbye is hard, Chubby’s memory will not be soon forgotten by Maria or any of the people who knew her. Rest in peace sweet pup. Thank you for all the love you gave while you were alive.

Suzanne Price/Suzuran Photography

Image source: Maria Sharp