An organic farm that supplies local markets with its award-winning cheeses has recently fired one of its workers over animal cruelty allegations. 

The organic farm claims to put its cows at the heart of the operation. However, they have recently come under scrutiny from the Animal Justice Project for 7 months of footage that reveals a startling amount of animal cruelty on the farm.

The footage reveals calves crying after being separated from their mothers, being kept in tiny enclosures, and being manhandled during the process of de-budding, the removal of their horns. Footage also shows male calves being sent to slaughter soon after birth, a practice that is considered especially inhumane in the industry.

Source: Daily Mail

The farm claimed to be outraged after seeing the footage, which involved one member of staff hitting, punching, kicking, and swearing at the cows. They said that it was a new member of staff who has since been fired. However, they reject the other allegations, saying that the footage misrepresented what goes on at the dairy farmDespite the incriminating footage, the farm stands by its values and claims that “animal welfare is at the heart of all we do.”

This is yet another example of how secretly cruel the dairy industry can be. Even brands that are labeled as ethical or humane can easily be the very opposite. Humanewashing is extremely common in the marketing of animal products, tricking well-intentioned consumers into buying products that are not humane at all. Thus, the only truly humane dairy products are vegan dairy products that don’t contain animal products at all.

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