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Many people take comfort in the false assumption that the production of milk requires no death or cruelty. However, from a simple online search, one can see just how awful the dairy industry truly is. It is guilty of so many terrible crimes against animals, people, and the environment. From separating babies from their mothers, to keep animals in cramped and unsanitary conditions, the dairy industry is far from innocent. While many dairy companies try to paint themselves as large, grassy pastures where cows roam around happily, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) partnered with Kate Mara to reveal some of the atrocities that go on in dairy farms across the U.S. In this video, Mara details the despicable treatment of animals that was recorded during an undercover investigation at Dick Van Dam Dairy in Southern California by animal activist organization, Animal Outlook. This includes, “repeatedly jabbing cows’ faces, legs, and udders with splintered wooden canes and metal pipes, kicking them in the face and udders, twisting their tails so hard the bone breaks, slamming metal gates on them, and poking fingers in cows’ eyes, among other painful methods regularly deployed on the farm.” ALDF has now filed a lawsuit to get the dairy farm shut down and its owners, disallowed from ever working with or owning animals. ALDF is also asking that Target stop carrying brands sourced from this farm, such as DairyPure and TruMoo, and independently investigate into Dairy Farmers of America since Dick Van Dam Dairy is one of their suppliers.

To stand up against this abuse, refuse to buy products from these dairy companies and better yet, ditch dairy altogether. You can also send an email to Target telling them to remove these dairy products from their shelves here.

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