Authorities have seized 4 African caracals from a local residence after repeated escapes resulted in frantic police calls from worried residents.

Elaine Westfall, the owner of these 50-pound cats, was at first relieved to have the police help her catch her wandering cats. However, after multiple escapes police are done helping her and have seized the African caracals for good.

Westfall received multiple violations for going against state laws and allowing her pets to roam free. These violations and warnings were all ignored.

She ultimately agreed to release the cats to a sanctuary where they could live their lives in a more natural environment.

Despite obviously being exotic pets, caracals do not fall under that category in many states, making them a legal pet. This is a huge issue as these are large cats and are natural-born predators. They cannot be completely domesticated and require plenty of space, activity, and entertainment. Things that a pet owner just can’t provide.

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