Smoothies and juices are a great way to hydrate your body and work in more fresh foods into one serving. They’re also great to enjoy in addition to meals, and make for the perfect afternoon refreshment. Because there’s nothing like sipping on something cool, slightly sweet, and satisfying, especially in the warmer months when our bodies crave that nourishment. Some smoothies can even include extra protein and healthy fats and serve as a complete meal, while others just make for a tasty pre-workout option or healthy dessert. Juices can be made at home much cheaper than buying them somewhere else. and will be more nutritious since their ingredients are fresh and aren’t pasteurized like those in bottles that often sit on shelves for hours, days, and some even up to a month or two at the store.

So, to inspire you to work more fruits and veggies into your diet, here are some smoothie and juice recipes you can make at home that we think you’ll love! Whether you’re looking for something filling to serve as a meal or something light to enjoy as a snack, or you just want something filled with nutrients to give you a boost of energy, one of these 15 recipes will surely meet your needs.

Let us know which ones you try and love!

1. Summery Mango and Hemp Seed Smoothie



Mango is a classic fruit to enjoy when the weather starts to warm up and it’s also packed with vitamin C to give you great skin and keep your immune system healthy. Greens contain a good dose of iron which are more easily absorbed when combined with vitamin C rich foods, and they also contain large amounts of magnesium to provide your body with energy and provide substantial blood sugar support. And let’s not forget about the hemp seeds which boost plant-based protein, dietary iron, and even more magnesium. So basically, this smoothie is a little wellness warrior in a glass!

2. Organic Burst Smoothies

smoothie1 (1)


These smoothies aren’t just colorful — they’re also easy to make and packed with nutrition. It you love superfoods and want something unique to try, give these Organic Burst Smoothies a try!

3. The Perfect Banana Chocolate Smoothie for Active People

Chocolate-Monkey-Power-Smoothie-by-@jesselwellness-smoothie-vegan-1024x683 (1)


Pre-workout nutrition is serious business. Cooked food is sometimes too heavy on the stomach right before a run, while a piece of fruit alone might not cut it. So what’s the answer? A smoothie that’s got a little bit of protein, fiber, and natural complex carbs to give your body what it needs in an easy-to-digest format — that’s what! With a classic chocolate, peanut butter and banana flavor, this smoothie will inspire anyone to get up and move!

4. Winter Glow Smoothie



It might not be winter when you enjoy this smoothie, but it’s still packed with goodies to make you feel great year round! Not only is this treat filled with nutrition, but also contains more fruits and veggies than most people eat all day — talk about a sneaky way to eat healthy!

5. Sweet Almond Cherry Smoothie



Almonds and cherries make a great combination not only flavor-wise, but also nutritionally speaking. Almonds are a great source of amino acids, vitamin E, magnesium, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids to provide optimal support for the brain and body. Cherries contain large amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants that support the heart, and have been shown to lower blood sugar levels. And, best of all, both almonds and cherries also provide anti-inflammatory support to relieve joint pain and inflammation. So while it might look like dessert, this smoothie is bursting with benefits!

6. Energy Boosting Vegan Superfood Protein Shake



Need energy in a glass? This smoothie has your name all over it! Goji berries are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, amino acids, and antioxidants, while the banana in this recipe will provide natural sugars and a nice dose of fiber to supply your body with the complex carbs it needs for optimal energy levels. To make it more filling, just add a scoop of hemp protein or any other plant-based protein of your choice!

7. Green Superfood Detox Smoothie

Green-Superfood-Detox-Smoothie--1200x800 (1)


Don’t let the word detox in this recipe fool you — there’s no deprivation included at all in this glass that most people associate with the term detox. Instead, this Green Superfood Detox smoothie packs in ample amounts of nutrition, thanks to the greens, hemp, and vitamin C rich fruits it contains. It might look a little scary with its bright green color, but don’t worry — it’s surprisingly sweet, filling, and will just make you feel good all over!

8. Peachy Ginger Green Monster Smoothie



Peaches are ripe and in season during the summer, but you can buy them frozen form in the other seasons and enjoy them anytime of the year! While ginger might not be the first thing you’d pair them with, the healthy root adds a huge dose of antioxidants and digestive benefits. If you don’t have the protein powder (Raw Meal) or the superfoods called for in this recipe, just use what ingredients you do have, and substitute in another plant-based protein of your choice. Smoothies don’t come with strict guidelines, just go with the flow and blend away!


9. Orange Sunshine Cold-Pressed Juiceorangesunshine As mentioned, making your own juice at home is much healthier than choosing those at the store whenever you can.. Try this Orange Sunshine juice, for example, which you can make in just minutes in your own kitchen. It’s filed with vitamin C for your immune system and enzymes to aid in digestion and energy levels.

10. Cranberry Apple Detox Juice


Cranberries are great for your kidneys, your heart, and contain very little sugars in whole form when bought fresh (versus dried). If you can’t find them fresh, try to buy them in frozen form, pick up a few bags and let a handful thaw on hand before making this juice. Either way, this smoothie is great to enjoy when you need some healthy refreshment and self-care!

11. Green Juice 



Green juice is a classic recipe that everyone loves to make when they first start enjoying juice. Not only is it gorgeous in color, but makes you feel so alive and well-nourished! Enjoy a glass of this juice in the morning before breakfast. As hard as it might be to imagine, you’ll look forward to this juice just as much as your cup of joe!

12. Healing Turmeric Smoothie


And finally, if you’re looking for wellness, healing, and flavor in a glass, this turmeric smoothie is for you! Turmeric might not be a spice you’d think to add to a smoothie, but it’s actually one of the best, most surprising ways to add nutrition to your daily blend (see even more ideas here). Get your glow on with this Healing Turmeric Smoothie!

If you’re still hungry for more, check out all of our smoothie recipes here, and all of our juice recipes here. Now, we have to know — which one are you going to try first? Let us know and share your favorite smoothie and juice recipes with us!

Lead Image Source: Blueberry Acai Super Smoothie