The week of June 1st- 7th is a great time for all plant-based eaters and whole foods lovers out there to celebrate—it’s Hemp History Week! Hemp seeds are the epitome of the perfect protein-rich seed, containing all essential amino acids, but that’s not all. Hemp seeds are also one of the most abundant sources of dietary iron, magnesium, and omega-3 fats in a plant-based diet, all in a very small serving. They’re mild, nutty, so easy to use, and to beat all, hemp is also one of the most sustainable plants out there.


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However, in 1937, industrialized hemp growth was restricted from typical farming practices in the United States without several licenses to do so, due to it being a relative of the same plant that marijuana comes from. As most people know, however, hemp contains no traceable levels of THC—the active drug in marijuana—and farmers who support the hemp plant have been working to bring this sustainable plant back into the states within the last couple of decades.

Hemp History Week was established six years ago to celebrate the cultivation of hemp and the celebration of it being allowed for research and sustainable farming practice in the United States. Some of the biggest health experts and most prominent dietitians, doctors, and even celebrities all support Hemp History Week for its grassroot efforts to bring this eco-friendly and healthy crop back into cultivation. Now, 18 states across the nation are able to farm hemp without severe restrictions, and as a result, are supplying food and sustainable products into the mainstream for textile use, beauty and health products, and as we most love to celebrate, vegan food!

To honor Hemp History Week and this amazing plant, see 15 of our most Hemptastic Recipes and give them a try!

 1. Black Bean Hemp Burgers

burger1 (1)

Talk about a protein punch! Black beans and hemp seeds together make for one meaty burger ,without any beef whatsoever! See how to make them and grill some up today!

2. Blueberry Hempseed Protein Bowl

bowl3 (1)

Here’s an antioxidant-rich, filling, and super frosty and smooth bowl you can enjoy for breakfast. Blueberries’ sweet flavor combined with hemp’s filling protein and healthy fats make for one amazing breakfast to power you strong, all day long!

3. Zucchini Pasta With Hemp Pesto

hemp (1)

Hemp is a great seed to use to make pesto with; it’s earthy, nutty, and adds a nice complexity to the beloved condiment of many. Spiralize up some zucchini and top it with this filling, protein-rich pesto pasta for a summer lunch or light dinner!

4. Hemp Seed Oat Cacao Nib Cookies


For an afternoon snack, choose a little protein which will stabilize your blood sugar, provide necessary energy for the body, and reduce tension that often creeps up around 3-4 p.m. and we normally go for caffeine. Hemp is a great choice since it is also packed with fiber and nutrients. Try it in these yummy superfood-packed cookies for something special you can take on-the-go or enjoy at home.

5. Protein-Packed Hemp Breakfast Crepes

hemppancakes (1)

Like pancakes? Give crepes a try, but skip the eggs and milk, and try a plant-based option instead. These crepes are filled with natural sweetness, richness, and have a great texture. Top them with hemp seeds for extra protein, vitamins, minerals, and satiety. You’ll start the day off with quite a pep in your step!

 6. Sunny Hemp Cheeze

hemp (2)

Just when you thought you couldn’t have it all … you can! Hemp seeds can be spun into a beautiful bowl of cheezy goodness without the need for processed alternative cheese products whatsoever. Even better, they don’t need to be soaked like many nuts for nut cheeses do. Give this Sunny Hemp Cheeze spread a try—you won’t believe how simple (or tasty) it is!

7. Superfood Pad Thai


Another winner for the dinner round-up is pad thai, but let’s put a spin on it, shall we? This Superfood Pad Thai is packed with flavor, versatility, and extra filling thanks to the hemp seeds added. Give it a try in place of spaghetti occasionally … it’s so energizing and nutritious!

8. Smoky Black Bean and Hemp Seed Burgers


For another spin on black beans and hemp seeds, you can also try these burgers that have a different flavor profile than the other burger recipe, but still plenty of protein and filling nutritious ingredients. These burgers even feature the ever popular chickpea flour, which adds even more protein, a nutty flavor, and is the perfect binder in place of eggs or refined flours.

9. Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Bars


Many dairy-free ice creams are made with cashews or another nut, but if you’re a nut-free eater, you can simply use hemp seeds instead. These rich, cherry garcia ice cream bars are packed with real cherries and no refined sugar. They’re also adorned with an authentic cacao-filled topping that takes all of a few minutes to put together. Keep a batch of these in the freezer for those hot summer afternoons!

10. Raw Cherry Pie With Hemp Seeds and Walnuts


For another cherry hemp recipe, give this pie recipe a shot. It’s raw, completely free of added sugars, and packed with just five filling ingredients. Slice up a piece today!

11. Hemp Seed Butter Protein Bars



Protein bars can really be a lifesaver when you’re on-the-run and can’t enjoy a real meal as much as you wish you could. But most processed protein bars are lacking in the health category and resemble more of a candy bar in nutrient content than anything else. These hemp seed butter protein bars are a much better option. Containing minimal ingredients and easy to make, they’re perfect for easy snacking and spontaneous hunger pains. Skip the junk and make these instead!

12. No Bake Superfood Energy Bars


As another option with even more delicious ingredients, give these incredible superfood-packed energy bars a try. If you’ve got a long day ahead, these will seal the deal on both satisfaction in the tummy and for your appetite!

13. Deep Dish Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake



Holy chocolate! This cake is made of only real foods with maximum nutrition, a rich flavor, and contains high amounts of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Serve up a piece of this … no one will miss that canned frosting ever again!

14. One Bowl Chocolate Caramel Almond Balls

balls (1)

Like energy bites? You’ll love these! Chocolate, caramel and almonds … plus coconut and hemp seeds? Yes please! These energy/dessert bites will boost your mood and energy, not to mention give your body some ultimate nutrition and satisfaction in just a few bites!

15. Larchmont Bars


Larchmont bars are a favorite dessert enjoyed by many with rich nuts and chocolate combined into a bar-style dessert. These vegan bars, however, are gluten-free, raw, and have just about every kind of protein-rich seed and other super energizing ingredients packed into one bar that you could imagine. Make up a batch of these, but don’t say we didn’t warn you … they won’t last long!!

You can learn more about Hemp History Week here and even vote to support the Industrial Hemp Farming Act here if you love hemp and want to take action.

What’s your favorite use for hemp?

 Lead Images Source: Black Bean Hemp Seed Burgers