Skip the store and make one of these plant-based milk recipes at home! All of these recipes go so far above and beyond just plain soy-milk (but if you’re into that, check out how to make Homemade Soy Milk here)

1. Homemade Golden Flax Seed Milk 

This Homemade Golden Flax Seed Milk is super unique and flavorful!  The dates and vanilla add sweetness to the recipe that I would not recommend skipping. Cinnamon is completely optional, the flax milk tastes great without it, but if you’re a big fan of cinnamon for its extra nutrients and flavor, go ahead and give it a try.

2. Turmeric Peppercorn Wellness Milk 

This Turmeric Peppercorn Wellness Milk is super healthy! It’s free of dairy and refined sweeteners, and is just loaded with antioxidants, beneficial nutrients, and immune system boosters.

3. Thandai: Instant Masala Milk 

This Thandai: Instant Masala Milk is amazing! Thandai is a cool and refreshing drink made with dried nuts, seeds, and flavorful spices.

4. Sesame Seed MilkVegan Sesame Seed Milk

This Sesame Seed Milk has unique ingredients! It is sweetened with dates and made from raw sesame seeds! Who knew!

5. Cashew Milk Vegan Cashew Milk

This Cashew Milk is so creamy! The cashews bring the most delightful taste and get super rich. There’s no need to buy expensive plant milk in the grocery stores anymore, this is the real deal.

6. Date Sweetened Hemp Milk, Two Ways

This Date Sweetened Hemp Milk, Two Ways is exactly what the title reads! Vanilla and chocolate hemp milk that is actually good for you!

7. Vanilla Pumpkin Seed Milk 

This Vanilla Pumpkin Seed Milk is so rich! This seasonal seed makes for a creamy, delicious milk that is ideal for enjoying with the granola and fresh fruit.

8. Creamsicle Cashew Milk creamsicle

This Creamsicle Cashew Milk is everything we’ve ever dreamed of! This homemade cashew milk is simple, elegant, and dangerously addictive. It’s perfectly sweet with notes of creamy vanilla and tangy, bright orange.

9. Goji Berry Golden Milk Vegan Gluten-Free Goji Berry Golden Milk

Just look at the color of this Goji Berry Golden Milk!  Golden milk infused with goji berries! This stuff is pretty magical thanks to fresh turmeric.

10. How to Make Soy Milk Kefir 

How to Make Soy Milk Kefir is a guide to making, well, the best soy milk kefir of your life! It seems like everyone these days is crazy for kefir, a creamy fermented milk drink that is full of probiotics.

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Lead image source: Creamsicle Cashew Milk