Skillet recipes require minimal cleanup and minimal time, but these recipes have maximum flavor! We have tons of skillet desserts, breakfasts, and even dinners perfect for a busy weeknight!

1. Rosemary Skillet Rolls Rosemary Skillet Rolls

These Rosemary Skillet Rolls are extra soft and delicious. Delight your guests with this easy dish. It’s soft, buttery, and lightly seasoned with fresh rosemary and a sprinkle of salt.


2. Skillet Eggplant and BBQ Mushroom TacosBBQ Eggplant Tacos 1

These tangy and savory tacos include meaty eggplant slices and mushrooms, onion, avocado, and an amazingly flavorful BBQ sauce! These Skillet Eggplant and BBQ Mushroom Tacos are done in 30 minutes.

3. Southwestern Skillet Pizza Southwestern Skillet Pizza 1

This Southwestern Skillet Pizza is simple and so flavorful! Doesn’t it sound like the ideal brunch option? Easy cleanup, colorful, and tasty!

4. Giant Fluffernutter Skillet Cookie Fluffernutter Skillet Cookie

This Giant Fluffernutter Skillet Cookie is chewy, gooey, and so delicious! A skillet is more than ideal for a cookie as it cooks faster, softer, and is less mess altogether!

5. Dark Chocolate Cherry Skillet CookieDark Chocolate and Cherry Skillet Cookie

This Dark Chocolate Cherry Skillet Cookie is loaded with flavor. It’s rich, chocolatey, soft like butter, and the chocolate and cherry flavors blend seamlessly together, especially when topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.


6. Skillet Zucchini Ribbon Pasta With Herbed RicottaSkillet Zucchini Ribbon Pasta

Just look at this amazing Skillet Zucchini Ribbon Pasta With Herbed Ricotta dish! Loaded with Italian flavors and veggies! All this flavorful experience needs is just 30 minutes of your time.

7. Skillet Breakfast Quesadilla Skillet Breakfast Quesadilla 1

This Skillet Breakfast Quesadilla is impressive looking but so so easy to make! This meal would be ideal for a brunch!


8. S’mores Skillet CookieS'mores Skillet Cookie [Vegan]

Just LOOK at this S’mores Skillet Cookie! Skip the campfire and make this delicious dessert at home!

9. Fig Skillet Cake Vegan Fig Skillet Cake

WOW, this Fig Skillet Cake is gorgeous. Loaded with natural sweetness, it pairs excellently with tea.


10. 5-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Skillet Brownie 

This 5-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Skillet Brownie is super rich and simple! Just look at how gooey it looks!

11. Sweet Potato Chili With Skillet Cornbread Vegan Sweet Potato Chili With Skillet Cornbread

Look at this Sweet Potato Chili With Skillet Cornbread! It’s loaded with flavor and plant-based nutrients! It’s pure comfort food and soul nourishment!

12. Greek Roasted Garlic Skillet Bread

Fluffy and flavorful! The roasted garlicky goodness is perfectly distributed in each bite of this beautiful loaf of bread– it’s perfection. Pair this Greek Roasted Garlic Skillet Bread with some pasta!

13. Skillet Apple Crisp With Date Caramel Skillet Apple Crisp With Date Caramel 1

Wow wow wow. Skillet Apple Crisp With Date Caramel belongs at your next gathering! Impress your friends with this colossal dessert.

14. Skillet-Roasted Chili Carrots Skillet-Roasted Chili Carrots

These Skillet-Roasted Chili Carrots tossed in a smoky, fiery blend of salt and spices and then seared in the hot skillet. Just look at this caramelized, spicy dish!

15. Triple Chocolate Sweet Potato Walnut Skillet Brownie 

Simple, sweet, and delicious! This Triple Chocolate Sweet Potato Walnut Skillet Brownie is loaded with flavor and so gooey!


16. Skillet Buckwheat Breakfast Cake With Apricots and Poppy SeedsBuckwheat Breakfast Cake b

This Skillet Buckwheat Breakfast Cake With Apricots and Poppy Seeds is a brunch dream come true! Classy, delicious, and super easy clean-up!

17. Poblano and Veggie Bacon Green Bean Skillet Casserole Poblano and Veggie Bacon Green Bean Skillet Casserole

This Poblano and Veggie Bacon Green Bean Skillet Casserole is super hearty and perfect for the whole family! The aspect of this dish that makes it so stellar and so perfect is the homemade Japanese-inspired vegan cream of mushroom soup.

18. White Chocolate Pistachio Skillet CookieVegan White Chocolate Pistachio Skillet Cookie

This White Chocolate Pistachio Skillet Cookie is so fluffy and yummy! The white chocolate packs in some sweetness, pistachios bring nuttiness, and the cherry topping brings in some serious fruity flavor!

19. ‘Buttery’ Skillet Cornbread 'Buttery' Skillet Cornbread [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

This ‘Buttery’ Skillet Cornbread is perfect for a healthier dessert or tea time snack! All the rich, buttery taste comes from a magic secret ingredient: pecans!

20. Thanksgiving Skillet Rolls Thanksgiving Skilet Rolls

Fluffy, simple, and so flavorful! These Thanksgiving Skillet Rolls work great for holiday parties that require minimal cleanup!

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Lead image source: Greek Roasted Garlic Skillet Bread