Being plant-based doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy beer anymore. You don’t just have to have it by the glass either. If you’ve never tried cooking with it, give it a try! All of these recipes use beer in the batter, so scroll through and see if any catch your eye! Don’t forget to check out these recipes and many others on our Food Monster App.

1. Beer Battered Mushroom Burger

Source: Beer Battered Mushroom Burger


If you’re searching for a game-changing recipe that will make you look like an iron chef, you have to try Gabrielle St. Claire‘s staple vegan Beer Battered Mushroom Burger with Beer Cheese! It’s easy to make and can mix up your weeknight dinner routine.

2. Beer Battered Mushroom ‘Calamari’

Source: Beer Battered Mushroom ‘Calamari’

A simple snack paired nicely with marinara sauce. These delicious Beer Battered Mushroom ‘Calamari’ by Melanie Sorrentino are chewy like calamari but meatier and more flavorful than the real thing!

3. Beer Battered Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

Source: Beer Battered Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms


The only thing better than a hot dinner after a long day is one that’s quick and easy to make. These Beer Battered Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms by Helyn Dunn are just that. These beer-battered mushrooms are filling and full of subtle flavor. Customize the recipe with whatever spices you like!

4. Beer-Battered Artichoke Hearts

Source: Beer-Battered Artichoke Hearts


Can you believe these Beer-Battered Artichoke Hearts by Jennifer Rose Rossano are made with only three ingredients … and that you probably already have all of them in your pantry right now? If so, what are you waiting for?! They’re decadent, delicious, and taken to the next level with a creamy dipping sauce (also just three ingredients!).

5. Beer Battered Artichoke ‘Fish’ Sticks

Source: Beer Battered Artichoke ‘Fish’ Sticks


A delicious finger food perfect for an appetizer or a night in watching the big game! These Beer Battered Artichoke ‘Fish’ Sticks by Melanie Sorrentino are crispy and are spiced with seaweed and coated in a beer batter to replicate the classic!

6. Beer Battered String Bean Fries

Source: Beer Battered String Bean Fries

Crispy crunchy fries that use string beans in place of potatoes! The green beans make french fries healthier, but if you want to make this recipe even cleaner you can reduce the amount of frying oil or bake them. The lager used in the batter adds another layer of rich flavor to the fries. The best thing about these Beer Battered String Bean Fries by Alison Edmund are that they can go well with pretty much whatever sauce you pair them with.

7. Beer Battered Onion Rings

Source: Beer Battered Onion Rings

If you’re going to a party this year, these vegan Beer Battered Onion Rings by Ashley Hankins will be popular! You can make the onion rings a couple of days before so all you have to do is fry them up the day of the big party and they’ll stay crispy for hours. Honestly, these vegan beer-battered onion rings are so delicious, you don’t even need a sauce, but who doesn’t want some ranch? These vegan beer-battered onion rings are paired with a vegan jalapeño ranch dressing that is perfectly spicy and tangy.

8. Beer Battered Tofu ‘Fish’ Sandwich

Source: Beer Battered Tofu ‘Fish’ Sandwich


This sandwich needs no pitch because it is everything you dreamed of and more. If you long for that faux fish sammie, you have to try this Beer Battered Tofu ‘Fish’ Sandwich by Gabrielle St. Claire. The tofu is coated in a crispy batter and paired with fresh slaw between two fluffy buns. Add a plate of fries to that and you are set!

9. Asian Tostadas With Beer Battered Avocado and Drunken Mushrooms

Source: Asian Tostadas With Beer Battered Avocado and Drunken Mushrooms

These tostadas fuse mushrooms, beer, and deep-fried things (yeah!) all together in one amazingly textured and flavorful meal … what more could you possibly ask for? Try out these Asian Tostadas With Beer Battered Avocado and Drunken Mushrooms by Christine Melanson. You won’t regret it!

10. Beer Battered Avocado Tacos

Source: Beer Battered Avocado Tacos by Lee Khatchadourian-Reese

What’s not to love about fried avocado? These Beer Battered Avocado Tacos by Lee Khatchadourian-Reese are a winner and make an awesome weeknight lunch or dinner. With the freshness of the tomato and the crispy avocado, be prepared to fall head over heels for this recipe.

In conclusion, beer is wonderful to drink and cook with. If you’re a beer lover, check out how to Pair Your Favorite Beer With These Vegan Foods. Don’t worry wine lovers, we’ve got you covered with All You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Too Afraid to Ask About Vegan Wine.

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