You can recreate vegan bacon out of a variety of ingredients, and all have their special qualities. You can easily adapt and experiment with what you use to make your bacon to get the results that you are looking for.

How to Make Realistic Vegan Bacon

These realistic vegan bacon options are show-stoppers. They are so much more delicious and don’t require the killing of any animals.


The Marinade

The marinade is quite possibly the most important part of any recipe for vegan bacon. You must have a marinade, and it must be good! Otherwise, your bacon isn’t going to taste quite right.

Most realistic vegan bacon marinades are going to be made of a combination of liquid smoke, olive oil, soy sauce, and maple syrup, along with several dry seasonings mixed in to enhance the flavor. You can adapt this formula as you like.

This marinade is what is going to provide that strong bacon flavor that you are looking for. Taste it multiple times to make sure you like it.


Baked Carrot Bacon

Baked Smoky Carrot Bacon


Carrot is a realistic vegan bacon option that anyone can make! Not only are carrots easy to find, but they are also cheap, making this bacon option a great one for just about anyone.

Carrots cook up nicely and can get wonderfully crisp and crunchy. They also yield a very realistic color to bacon.


All you have to do is use a mandoline to slice the carrots longwise. Make sure you don’t do this by hand because the carrot slices will be too thick.

Then you just brush the marinade onto each carrot bacon strip and bake. These carrot bacon slices are bright and flavorful, with a slight sweetness from the carrots.


Banana Peel

This type of realistic vegan bacon is by far the wackiest option out there, but it really does turn out good!

By using the banana peel to make vegan bacon, you are reducing your food waste and putting those peels to use. The banana taste has very little effect on the final outcome and gives your vegan bacon a unique taste and approach.

First, you must make sure the banana peels are ripe. Green banana peels will not work. Then, you need to let the peels marinate for up to a few hours.

This vegan bacon is unique as you cook it on the stove, not in the oven. Carefully cook for a few minutes on each side and allow to cool. Don’t worry, they will get crispy as they cool down. 


Vegan coconut bacon

Coconut Bacon

Coconut bacon is a popular option that you can even buy in stores. The coconut yields a delightfully crunchy texture and soaks up the flavors really well.


This is also a budget-friendly option as dried coconut is more readily available than some of their options.

You do not have to let coconut bacon marinate, all you have to do is, toss the pieces with the marinade to coat. Try to use larger pieces of dried coconut for better bacon, and make sure it isn’t sweetened.

Then all you have to do is bake the coconut bacon until crisp. Be careful when cooking because coconut can burn very fast.


Tofu bacon is a very easy and realistic bacon option to go for. It is firm, meaty, and full of flavor.

One problem that may arise is the tofu is being too moist. You’ll have to make sure to press and pat dry your tofu to get rid of excess moisture. All you have to do is press and drain a block of extra firm tofu. You can do this with a tofu press or by making your own with heavy plates. Get as much moisture out, then cut the tofu into slices. Then you can add the slices to the marinade to let them soak up the flavor for 1 hour or overnight.

Tofu bacon requires a little more baking to get them firm, but once they are done these bacon slices are chewy and flavorful. You can bake them for more or less time depending on your preferred texture.

Tofu is spongy, which means it soaks up flavors amazingly well. This is a huge benefit if you want extra flavorful bacon. Tofu is also easy to get your hands on since most grocery stores carry it.


Tempeh Bacon

Breakfast Sandwich With Tempeh Bacon

Tempeh bacon is another great option if you prefer a more meaty bacon substitute. This is the perfect option for that texture as tempeh is rather dense and can hold its shape well.

All you need to do is slice the tempeh bacon into bacon-like slices. Then, they will need to go into the marinade for at least 15 minutes.

Then all you have to do is bake them until cooked through and to your liking. You can take the tempeh out when it is still soft and meaty or leave it in to get more crispy.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is an excellent option when it comes to making realistic vegan bacon. It has little to no flavor of its own and yields a wonderfully crunchy and crisp texture. Just like well-done bacon!

Making rice paper bacon is a simple process and requires a simple blend for the marinade, much like the other recipes.

All you need to do is dip the rice paper in the marinade and cut it into strips. The rice paper will become easier to cut once it is wet and has soaked up some of the marinade. Then all you have to do is bake the rice paper bacon.

It will come out perfectly crispy and brown. Perfect for topping food with or eating with a bowl of scrambled tofu!

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