Planning a trip to southern Florida? Maybe you have plans to check out Miami! It’s not only great for relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun, but also there are loads of vegan-friendly restaurants you can check out as well. Check out these 10 vegan restaurants in Miami to try out the next time you are in southern Florida.

1. Choices Cafe


Vegan Miami Florida/wtfveganfood

Choices Cafe is an all-vegan restaurant, with dozens of delicious items on the menu. Choose between salads, bowls, tacos, burgers, smoothies, and more! They even offer brunch, where you can order a Breakfast Scramble, which is a sprouted tofu scramble, guacamole, mixed greens, mixed greens, and cashew cheese. You could also try an acai bowl, which is topped with superfood granola and bananas. If you can’t make it to Choice’s Cafe try making this Curried Tofu Scramble.

Choices Cafe is located at 2895 McFarlane Road, Miami, Florida 33133.

2. Della Bowls 

menu/Della Bowls


If you love to be creative and make your own vegan concoctions, then Della Bowls is the perfect place where you can let your creative mind take over! Della Bowls offers delicious, plant-based bowls, where you are able to pick the base, protein, vegetables, sauce, and a boost! You could also choose between one of their signature bowls, like the Forbidden Bowl, which is black coconut rice, tempeh, broccoli, sweet potato, raw roots, almond, and gold sauce. If you can’t make it to Della Bowls, try making this Green Goddess Bowl.

Della Bowls is located at 56 Northwest 29th Street, Miami, Florida 33127.

3. Glam Vegan

Candace West/Miami New Times

Glam Vegan is a 100 percent vegan eatery with so many options to choose from! For an appetizer, try the Cashew Cheese Platter, which features an assortment of cashew cheeses, with seed crackers, fig jam, and pickles. You could also try a delicious flatbread, like the Verde, which is a flatbread topped with cashew ricotta, broccolini, Brussels sprouts, scallions, and kale-pistachio pesto — sounds amazing! For dessert, try the Truffles, Ube Pie, or the Matcha Tea Custard! You could always try making this Buckwheat Flatbread With Shiitake “Bacon”.


Glam Vegan is located at 3301 Northeast 1st Avenue, Midtown Miami, Florida.

4. Love Life Wellness Center and Cafe


Love Life Wellness Center and Cafe is serving up all kinds of plant-based options that are healthy and nutritious! Try the Love Life Acai Bowl, which consists of organic açai berry, mixed berries, sliced banana, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, granola and agave. You could also order the Happy Baby (in a wrap or salad form) which is sautéed kale, quinoa, chickpeas, roasted veggies, pumpkin seeds, lemon garlic dressing. You could always try making this Creamy Pumpkin Acai Bowl.

Love Life Wellness Center and Cafe is located at 584 Northwest 27th Street, Miami, Florida 33127.

5. Plant Miami


Rebecca P/Yeah That’s Kosher

Plant Miami is an all-vegan eatery that emphasizes whole foods. The menu contains items like a Hand-Crafted Cheese Board, Som Tam Salad, Smashed Avocado, Almond Falafel, Moroccan Bowl, Ginger Carrot Noodles, and so much more! You could also try the Asian Bowl, which contains oyster mushrooms, kelp noodles, bok choy, pickled daikon, avocado, sesame, and mustard. You could always try making these Carrot Noodles With Almond Sesame Sauce.

Plant Miami is located at 105 Northeast 24th Street, Miami, Florida 33137.

6. Vgan Kitchen

Carmelo L/Yelp

If you are looking for healthy, plant-based, whole foods, head over to Vgan Kitchen, which serves up a large variety of vegan options. Choose from smoothies, salads, and much more. Indulge in the Key Lime Cashew Cheesecake, Butternut Squash Lasagna, Mediterranean Sweet Potato, Raw Summer Rolls, Raw Hummus with Veggies, and more. For breakfast, try ordering the Vegan Chickpea Omelet, Chia Pudding Parfait, Banana Crepes, or Fluffy Vegan Pancakes. If you can’t make it to this vegan dreamland, try making this Butternut Squash and Tofu Ricotta Lasagna.

Vgan Kitchen is located at 18106 West Dixie Highway, Aventura, Florida, Florida 33160.

7. Full Bloom

management/Trip Advisor

Full Bloom is dishing out gourmet plant-based cuisine in the southern Miami area. The menu consists of items like the Mock Toona Sandwich Club, Creamy Tumeric Kale Salad, Full Bloom Omelette, Thai Red Curry Tofu Bowl, and much more. For dinner, try the Raw Creamy Mushroom Kelp Noodles with pistachio crumbs, or the Jackfruit Ropa Vieja, which is over lime and cilantro quinoa and rice. For dessert there is always the Raw Avacado Key Lime Ice Cream. If you can’t make it to Full Bloom, check out this Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Salad Sandwich recipe!

Full Bloom is located at 1670 James Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139.

8. Eden in Eden

Eden in Eden/Thrillist

If you like French cuisine, check out Eden in Eden, which serves up vegetarian French fare! Order a sandwich with vegan tuna, tofu, vegan cheese, vegan ham, vegan sausage, and choose between an abundance of different vegetables. For dessert, try the cookies, apple pie, carob cake, or a sweet French Crepe. If you can’t make it to Eden in Eden, try making these Classic French Crepes With Vanilla Cashew Cream.

Eden in Eden is located at 1248 Southwest 22nd St, Miami, Florida 33145.

9. Atlas Meat-Free Delicatessen

Lena Tachdjian/Clearly Veg

If you love vegan meats, check out Atlas Meat-Free Delicatessen, which is a plant-based deli serving up delicatessen classics and comfort food favorites. Feel free to try the Atlas Deli Sub, which is atlas meatballs with marinara sauce and basil pesto on toasted hoagie bread. There is also the Rachel on Rye, Sausage and Peppers, Buttamlk Fried Chk’n, and much more. If you can’t make it to this lovely deli, try out this recipe for Rice Paper Ham Deli Slices.

Atlas Meat-Free Delicatessen is located at 98 Northeast 79th Street, Little River, Miami, Florida 33138.

10. Gaia Gift Shop and Live Foods 

Gaia Gift Shop and Live Foods/Facebook

Gaia Gift Shop and Live Foods is a cute little shop serving an abundance of different vegan food items. Guests can order fresh juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and even slices of pie. Smoothie bowls can be topped with strawberries, blueberries, coconut, granola, bananas, and more! If you can’t make it to Gaia Gift Shop and Love Foods, try making your own smoothie bowl, like these Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowls.

Gaia Gift Shop and Live Foods is located at 12375 Southwest 224th Street, Miami, Florida 33170.

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