Flowers aren’t just a pretty thing to look at and enjoy. You can enjoy them in other ways… like eating them! It turns out that quite a few flowers are edible. They bring about an extra element of flavor to your recipes, creating a delicate and unique taste.

We went through the Food Monster App and found 15 fabulous floral recipes for you. Get your flower crown ready… and if the flowers are edible, maybe take a nibble.


1. Earl Grey Rose Nectar
Vegan Earl Grey Rose Nectar

Earl grey rose nectar– a delicious, energy-boosting drink of strong earl grey tea, perfumed with sweet rose essence and naturally sweetened with dates and lucuma powder.

2. Rhubarb, Rose Water, and Lime Sorbet
Vegan Rhubarb, Rose Water, and Lime Sorbet

This Rhubarb, Rose Water, and Lime Sorbet is refreshing and a perfect summer treat! Tart, floral, and sweet, it’s lovely, and not just because of its beautiful color. 

3. Raw Raspberry Rose CheesecakeVegan Raw Raspberry Rose Cheesecake

A perfect dessert for two to share! This raw Raspberry Rose Cheesecake has a decadent, creamy filling made from cashews with dreamy layers flavored with tart raspberry and rose water. It keeps days in the freezer and needs only a quick defrost before you can dig in.

4. Cardamom Rose CupcakesVegan

Not only are these Cardamom Rose Cupcakes beautiful, but an absolute delight to eat! Floral, sweet, and with the unique taste of cardamom, this treat is sure to please.


5. Chamomile Panna Cotta With Citrus Fruits
Vegan Chamomile Panna Cotta With Citrus Fruits

This Citrusy Dessert combines the freshness of oranges with soft, creamy chamomile cashew cream, and rice milk pannacotta. The chamomile is subtle, so the blood orange sauce takes center stage in this recipe. Serve this with a garnish of orange segments and lemon balm leaves for a striking presentation that’s perfect for springtime parties.

6. Hibiscus and Rose Cordial
Vegan Hibiscus and Rose Cordial

This Hibiscus and Rose Cordial is a fresh, vibrant, and delightful beverage that tastes like a little sip of spring. The hibiscus and rose petals are simmered in a pot of water with a touch of agave and finished with a splash of lime juice to complete this simple but elegant drink.

 7. Fig Curd Tarts With Lavender and Chamomile Cream 
Vegan Fig Curd Tarts With Lavender and Chamomile Cream

A homemade oat and walnut tart crust is filled with a fig and lavender curd that is lovingly dolloped with a citrus and chamomile cashew cream. So basically, this Tart has every flavor you could possibly want all in one crispy crust. Decorate with edible flowers and fresh figs for the cutest darn dessert you’ve ever laid eyes on.

8. Strawberry Rose and Berry Lavender Tarts 
VEgan Strawberry Rose and Berry Lavender Tarts

These Berrylicious Tarts are the perfect treat for yourself … or your friends if you feel like sharing. The base of these beautiful tarts are super nutty, filled with hints of coconut, cacao, and dates. The smooth, creamy filling is made from coconut oil blended with coconut oil and a dash of sweetener — and you get two flavors! A sweet strawberry rose filling and a dark, delicious blueberry lavender filling. They’re so easy to make, too!


9. Lavender Coconut Ice Cream

You can use either coconut milk beverage or canned coconut milk, but if you want a creamier version, go for the full-fat canned coconut milk. This Lavender Coconut Ice Cream can be made using a standard food processor and you won’t need any other special equipment.

10. 3-Ingredient Mango Hibiscus Popsicles
Vegan 3-Ingredient Mango Hibiscus Popsicles

These Mango Hibiscus Popsicles only require 3 ingredients. Chia seeds are the secret ingredient that allows the hibiscus tea to bind and gives the popsicles a nice texture and bite, while also adding some fiber, protein, and good fats. Easy, delicious and healthy!

11. Chocolate and Banana Mochi Rice Pudding
Vegan Chocolate and Banana Mochi Rice Pudding

This Rice Pudding made with brown mochi rice is healthy and delicious. Add cacao, banana, raw cacao nibs, and raspberries and you are in breakfast heaven! Mochi rice is a short grain, glutinous rice. It has a very high starch content, which makes it sticky and perfect for rice pudding. The flavor of mochi is mild and slightly sweet.

12. Unicorn Chia Parfait
Vegan Unicorn Chia Parfait

This Unicorn Chia Parfait is a colorful, magical dream breakfast! It is layered with blue chia pudding and soy yogurt naturally turned bright pink thanks to beet powder. To make it even more dreamy, it is decorated with pomegranate jewels and edible flowers.

13. Polenta Quiches With Macadamia Ricotta and Squash Blossoms
Vegan Polenta Quiches With Macadamia Ricotta and Squash Blossoms

These Polenta Quiches are gorgeous, summery, rich, but also light – perfect for summer. The “ricotta” is made of macadamia nuts and cashews. It’s rich, creamy, slightly acidulous thanks to the lemon juice and perfect for putting on…well, everything. These quiches have a base of polenta, which is then served with a light basil pesto that you cannot skip! It brings all of the flavors together so nicely.

14. Berry and Fennel Salad With Coconut Yogurt
Vegan Berry and Fennel Salad With Coconut Yogurt

This Berry and Fennel Salad creates a dish so colorful and fresh that you might hesitate to take the first bite because you don’t want to disturb its beauty. Puffed quinoa adds a crunch to the smooth coconut yogurt. Enjoy the fresh and fruity flavors of cherries, red currants, and sprigs of refreshing baby fennel.


15. Spring Salad With Carrots, Beets, and Flowers
Vegan Spring Salad With Carrots, Beets, and Flowers

This gorgeously elegant Spring Salad is bursting with color and flavor, just like the season, it takes its name from. The ribboned carrots, beets, and radishes are soaked in lemon juice and salt and then tossed with sesame seeds and edible flowers to finish the dish off.

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Lead Image Source: Strawberry Rose and Berry Lavender Tarts