At One Green Planet, we love fall and all the delicious desserts it brings: pumpkin pie, pecan pie, caramel, and more. We also love that the weather is finally chilly enough to enjoy one of the best drinks of fall: a non-dairy latte. Now, in its truest form, a latte is a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and just the lightest touch of foam. In Italy, it is traditionally served with breakfast. But today, lattes are a favorite drink at coffee shops and espresso bars all across the world — and it comes in all kinds of warm, decadent flavors. From the beloved pumpkin spice latte to the creative maple lattes, sipping a fall latte in a cafe is exactly how we want to spend our autumn afternoon. It’s like drinking dessert.

With that train of thought, what if we took seasonal desserts and reimagined them as lattes that we would dream about? So, sit back as we take you through 15 fall desserts that would most definitely make amazing lattes.


1. Pumpkin Spice Truffles With White Chocolate Coat

Pumpkin Spice Truffles With White Chocolate Coat 1.jpg

The pumpkin spice latte is the unofficial drink of fall. As much as we love it, we can make it better by taking the flavors of these Pumpkin Spice Truffles With White Chocolate Coat and turning them into a latte! They are made by combining pumpkin purée, graham crackers, and plenty of pumpkin pie spice, and then coating the frozen balls in dairy-free white chocolate. So in latte form, that translates to your traditional pumpkin spice latte with vegan white chocolate added and a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs.

2. Brown Butter Cardamom Cake With Chai Buttercream Frosting

brown butter cardamom cake with chai buttercream frosting

This dense Brown Butter Cardamom Cake With Chai Buttercream Frosting has rich frosting that’s irresistible — and we can only imagine how incredible this would taste as a latte. It’s all about the little details. By browning the vegan butter, you create a subtly unique taste and cardamom makes everything taste even cozier. It’s like the beloved chai latte, only better.

3. Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies With Bourbon Caramel Frosting

Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies With Bourbon Caramel Filling

These Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies With Bourbon Caramel Frosting are gluten-free, cinnamon-coated, chewy dream vessels — and they’re exactly the kind of flavors we want in a latte. The frosting is fudge-like, rich, and sweet, working in tandem with the cookies to create boozy, caramel-y goodness. Add all the snickerdoodle spices to the latte then thin out the frosting and drizzle it on top of non-dairy milk foam. 

4. Chocolate Almond Espresso Cake

Chocolate Almond Espresso Cake [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

If you’re a fan of mocha, you’ve come to the right place. This Chocolate Almond Espresso Cake is rich and chocolatey with a hint of espresso. What separates this from your run-of-the-mill mocha latte is that this cake is made from almond flour and then drizzled with a delicious mocha syrup. So yum.


5. Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

Sometimes it feels like pumpkin hogs all the spotlight — but this Sweet Potato Pie gives it a run for its money. Spiced with cinnamon and sweetened with maple syrup, this decadent pie would make an amazing fall latte to rival the PSL. Top it with pecans and coconut whipped cream to really take it to to the next level.

6. Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

triple chocolate pumpkin swirl brownies

These Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl Brownies rich, ooey-gooey, and decadent. Bars of dark chocolate, cacao chunks, and rich cacao butter are all stirred into the batter to make these brownies a trifecta of chocolatey heaven. Pumpkin purée adds a soft, gooey pumpkin layer to an already sweet, fudgy bottom layer. So, why not turn this amazing dessert into a latte? You can’t go wrong with pumpkin and chocolate.


7. Paleo Pecan Pie

Paleo Pecan Pie 1

This Paleo Pecan Pie is so creamy, delicious, and dense, and totally deserving of a latte makeover! The crust is made primarily with pecans, walnuts, and dried mulberries, and the cashew filling is sweetened with dates and swirled with coconut cream. Sprinkle that all on top of coconut whipped cream to make an amazingly decadent dessert latte.

8. No-Bake Cookie Butter Cashew Cheesecakes

No-Bake Cookie Butter Cashew Cheesecakes [Vegan]

Have you ever eaten cookie butter right out of the jar? Well, then you’ll love these No-Bake Cookie Butter Cashew Cheesecakes.A creamy cashew cheesecake filling swirled with cookie butter sits atop a simple date and nut crust.  They are are just begging to be transformed into a latte. Top it with some dairy-free whipped cream and then add a drizzle of melted cookie butter on top!


9. Raw Chocolate Almond Caramel Crunch Tart

Raw Chocolate Almond Caramel Crunch Tart

Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! This is the only word to describe this Raw Chocolate Almond Caramel Crunch Tart. With a grain-free crust of dates, almonds, and coconut, a creamy date caramel filling, a dark chocolate drizzle, and a crunchy almond topping, what more could you want? Can you just imagine what this would taste like in latte form? Delicious.

10. Chocolate and Butterscotch Pudding Pie

Chocolate and Butterscotch Pudding Pie

The flavors on this Chocolate and Butterscotch Pudding Pie would translate beautifully into a latte. Two thick and dense layers of pudding – chocolate and butterscotch – are set atop a simple, vegan crust. The top is dotted with chocolate chips for yummy bursts of chocolatey goodness throughout. Serve with some coconut whipped cream on the side for added decadence!

11. Matcha Green Tea and Mint Cheesecake
Matcha Green Tea and Mint Cheesecake [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

If you love matcha, then you definitely need to turn this Matcha Green Tea and Mint Cheesecake into a latte. This stunning dessert combines the refreshing flavors of green tea and mint, but that’s not all. It’s topped with a drizzle of dark mint chocolate and chopped pistachios. If you need us, we’ll be dreaming about this.

12. Almond Buttercrunch Candy

Almond Buttercrunch

Caramel-covered chocolate that is sprinkled with chopped almonds. This Almond Buttercrunch Candy is a real delight — and we want it in latte form. Not only should the butterscotch toffee be swirled into the latte itself, crunchy pieces should be sprinkled on top.

13. Spiced Sugar Cookies With Maple Icing

Spiced Sugar Cookies With Maple Icing [Vegan]

Sugar cookies are a classic dessert, but in these Spiced Sugar Cookies With Maple Icing, they get a seasonal twist. This would make a simple latte, but sometimes, you don’t need more than simple ingredients to make something amazing. With warm autumn spices and a decadent maple flavors, we would want to drink something like this daily — and it should definitely be topped with sugar cookie crumbles.

14. Chocolate Raspberry Squares

chocolate raspberry squares

It can be tough to get fruity lattes right. But these Chocolate Raspberry Squares would be the perfect candidate for a dessert-to-latte makeover. They are full of vibrant, fruit flavor with a chocolatey crust and chocolate drizzle, which means when you combine it with espresso, you get mocha. Hello!


15. Peanut Butter Banana Cheesecake

Peanut Butter Banana Cheesecake

We know what you’re thinking. Peanut butter and banana, in a latte? Believe us, the flavors in this Peanut Butter Banana Cheesecake were made to be combined with steamed non-dairy milk and espresso. First, a dense cashew-based peanut butter filling rests on a crust of dates and almonds. The finishing touch is a topping of homemade dark chocolate peanut butter cups that are drizzled with even more peanut butter because you can never have too much.

If you have an espresso machine at home, you can try your hand at transforming these sweets and treats into decadent lattes, but if you don’t, then we hope you enjoyed these drool-worthy desserts.

Lead image source: Sweet Potato Pie