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1. Puffed Buckwheat Chocolate Bites

Vegan Puffed Buckwheat Chocolate Bites

Source: Puffed Buckwheat Chocolate Bites

This Puffed Buckwheat Chocolate Bites by Vicky Coates is a super simple 5 ingredient recipe that is high in protein, vegan and gluten free which tastes like a crunchy but also gooey chocolatey ball of heaven…..have to make them right?!

2. Black Bean Burgers

Vegan Black Bean Burgers

Source: Black Bean Burgers

These gorgeous Black Bean Burgers by Helyn Dunn are for your vegan burger-loving heart! Restaurant veggie burgers can often fall short of expectations. Luckily, making your own is pretty easy and it’s always have some on hand. They freeze well, too, so it’s really convenient to just take one out and let it thaw for lunch. These black bean burgers are loaded with flavor! It’s also soft, but holds together well enough to pick it up in a bun and eat it with your hands. The texture is absolutely perfect!

3. Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream

Vegan Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream

Source: Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream

This Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream by Angelina Papanikolaou is simply delicious! Tt’s decadent and rich and chocolatey and sweet and creamy and oh so delicious.

4. Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Salad with Brioche Croutons

Vegan Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Salad with Brioche Croutons

Source: Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Salad with Brioche Croutons by Desiree Rodriguez

This vegan Source: Spicy BBQ Vegan Chicken Salad with Brioche Croutons by Desiree Rodriguez is made with easy to find ingredients for a quick meal! It’s filling and makes a great idea for lunch!

5. Pina Colada Cake

Vegan Pina Colada Cake

Source: Pina Colada Cake

Here are the key ingredients that make this cocktail so exotic and unique: coconut, pineapple and of course rum. And as if that would not be cool enough – this dreamy Pina Colada Cake by Melanie Kröpfl is of course also purely vegan!

6. Cuban Jackfruit Sandwiches

Vegan Cuban Jackfruit Sandwiches

Source: Cuban Jackfruit Sandwiches

A variation of a ham and cheese sandwich that includes roast pork, the Cuban sandwich was a common lunch for workers in the cigar factories and sugar mills in Cuba. It’s made with crispy bread, pressed on a grill top, and held fast with oozing cheese and tangy pickles. This classic Cuban Jackfruit Sandwiches by Compassionate Cuisine, Linda Soper-Kolton and Sara Boan is made with compassion, and jackfruit fit the bill to take the place of the pork.

7. Sweet Potato Oat Brownies

Vegan Sweet Potato Oat Brownies

Source: Sweet Potato Oat Brownies by Kennedy Kitchings

These Sweet Potato Oat Brownies by Kennedy Kitchings are fudgy and rich! You won’t even realize there’s sweet potato in them!

8.  Crispy Protein Chickpea Nuggets 

Vegan Crispy Protein Chickpea Nuggets

Source: Crispy Protein Chickpea Nuggets 

You could mix shredded veggies into this but these Crispy Protein Chickpea Nuggets  by Melanie Sorrentino is for lazy people who just need to start dipping nuggets into something delicious. If you have a bag of chickpea flour and have no idea what to do with it then this is the recipe for you

9. Rocky Road Ice Cream

Vegan Rocky Road Ice Cream

Source: Rocky Road Ice Cream

This Rocky Road Ice Cream by Kat Condon is made without any dairy, refined sugars or gluten, this no-churn Rocky Road Ice Cream is rich, creamy and packed with nuts and marshmallows!

10. Shepard’s Pot Pie 

Vegan Shepard’s Pot Pie

Source: Shepard’s Pot Pie

Think of this Shepard’s Pot Pie by Melanie Sorrentino as a crustless pot pie with a shepard mashed potato topping. This made 4 servings. So cheap, filling and easy to make!

11. Peach Pie With Lattice Crust

Vegan Peach Pie With Lattice Crust

Source: Peach Pie With Lattice Crust

Peach season is a wonderful time. The Peach Pie With Lattice Crust by Lisa Lotts is ripe, juicy, plump, and ready to lend all of its deliciousness to a warm, flaky pie. This one in particular has a lovely lattice crust so that you can see all of the sticky-sweet peach flavor that awaits you. Bake this one up, you won’t regret it!

12. Pecan and Mushroom Wellington 

Vegan Pecan and Mushroom Wellington

Source: Pecan and Mushroom Wellington

This deliciously flaky and warm Pecan and Mushroom Wellington by Katie Culpin and Josh Bailey is a gorgeous dinner treat for any time of the year. A pastry sheet is filled with a savory and herbed mixture of mushrooms and pecans, topped with a lattice layer of strips, and then baked until golden brown. The crispiness of the pastry is so tantalizingly tasty, and pairs wonderfully with a fresh salad or roasted vegetables.

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