Good news for our gluten-free friends: Not eating gluten doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your fair share of pie! We’ve got plenty of gluten-free recipes for you to whip up to celebrate Pie Day, in a variety of flavors to satisfy your every craving. Get started with these 15 gluten-free pie recipes from our Food Monster App!

1. Wild Blueberry and Raspberry Pie

Vegan GLuten-Free Wild Blueberry and Raspberry Pie topped with coconut

Image Source: Wild Bueberry and Raspberry Pie

This Wild Bueberry and Raspberry Pie by Valentina Chiappa is refreshing, healthy, and naturally sweet! Make this pie to fit a whole lot of extra fruit into your diet!

2. Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

Image Source: Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

Creamy chocolate and peanut butter swirl is piled inside a no-bake optional crust for a rich treat. If you’re a fan of peanut butter cups, then this Frozen Peanut Butter Pie from Annie McGee was made for you!

3. Mini Rose Apple Pies

Vegan Mini Rose Apple Pies

Image Source: Mini Rose Apple Pies

These picture-perfect Mini Rose Apple Pies from Courtney West are a fantastic treat for any gathering, or if you feel like giving yourself a treat. The rose center is made from Pink Pearl apples, a seasonal apple with a vibrant pink center. Their flavor is the perfect balance of sweet and tart with floral undertones that are punctuated by freshly ground cardamom and sugar.

4. Classic Pecan Pie

Classic Pecan Pie

Image Source: Classic Pecan Pie

A pecan pie’s traditional, unhealthy ingredients can make you feel like you’re eating a plate of guilt. Instead, this sticky and delicious Paleo and Vegan Classic Pecan Pie from Sabrina Estafo will send you into happiness, while staying true to your healthy lifestyle needs!

5. Healthy Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie

Vegan Healthy Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie

Image Source: Healthy Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie

This Healthy Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie from Ciarra Siller is everything you have been searching for and more! This decadent pie is a perfect dessert to end your dinner festivities or heck, it’s even healthy enough to be your breakfast!

6. Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie 1

Image Source: Chocolate Cream Pie

What could be better than a hazelnut-almond shortbread crust layered with decadent chocolate filling and topped with airy whipped coconut cream? We can’t think of anything! This Chocolate Cream Pie from Chantelle Zakariasen is silky, sweet, crunchy, and deliciously addicting! Don’t eat it all in one sitting though, when left in the refrigerator, this pie only gets better with time!

7. Triple Coconut Cream Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

Triple Coconut Cream Pie

Image Source: Triple Coconut Cream Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

This Triple Coconut Cream Pie With Graham Cracker Crust from Aileen Metcalf has a graham cracker crust, a creamy coconut filling, and it’s topped with chocolate sauce and toasted coconut. Best of all, it’s super allergen-friendly, with no nuts and no soy!

8. Raw Blueberry Pie

Image Source: Raw Blueberry Pie

If you thought you had to bake your pies, think again. This Raw Blueberry Pie from Amanda Nicole Smith is all you could ever ask for. It has a crispy crust and a sweet blueberry filling that would pair perfectly with a generous scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream.

9. Simple and Healthy Pecan Pumpkin Pie

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Image Source: Simple and Healthy Pecan Pumpkin Pie

This Simple and Healthy Pecan Pumpkin Pie from Kathleen Henry features a wholesome pecan crust. Vegan, gluten-free, no sugar-added, healthy and is made in a snap. Clean eating at its best, without comprising that great texture of the perfect pumpkin pie.

10. Raw Matcha Coconut Cream Pie

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Image Source: Raw Matcha Coconut Cream Pie

The sweet flavor of coconut along with earthy matcha is simply heavenly! This pie is pretty simple. A classic raw pie crust, filled with a matcha-laced coconut cream and large flaked coconut like a classic coconut cream pie topped off with more coconut cream. You’ll love this Raw Matcha Coconut Cream Pie from Amy Lyons!

11. Personal-Sized Apple Pie

Personal-Sized Apple Pie [Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Refined Sugar]

Image Source: Personal-Sized Apple Pie

Who wouldn’t love a Personal-Sized Apple Pie from Danielle Dewar? The pastry is low in fat – yet buttery tasting, the filling is lightly sweetened with natural sweeteners.

12. Mini Key Lime Pies

Vegan Gluten-Free Mini Key Lime Pies with lime zest topping

Image Source: Mini Key Lime Pies

The flavor of these Mini Key Lime Pies from Azucena Noriega is pretty similar to the traditional Mexican dessert, and because they are frozen, they are amazing for a quick treat. These mini pies a super healthy snack or dessert and are super simple!

13. Healthy Peanut Butter Pie

Image Source: Healthy Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut butter lovers rejoice – this Healthy Peanut Butter Pie from Annie Markowitz is the perfect dessert! It’s also packed with fiber and protein, making it healthy enough to eat for breakfast if you’re feeling like a rebel!

14. Golden Milk Pie With Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Golden Milk Pie with sweet potatoes with colorful toppings

Image Source: Golden Milk Pie With Sweet Potatoes

This Golden Milk Pie With Sweet Potatoes from Deniz Kilic is an aromatic and creamy cake straight from the fridge. Without baking, without gluten, without soy but with a lot of taste! Golden milk promises many health benefits. So why not enjoy it as a Golden Milk Pie?

15. Raw Chunky Monkey Banana Cream Pie

Image Source: Raw Chunky Monkey Banana Cream Pie

This gorgeous Raw Chunky Monkey Banana Cream Pie from Florian Nouh looks fantastic and is incredibly easy – you only need six ingredients. Plus, this recipe mixes a rich date crust with a banana, peanut, and chocolate filling to make a perfectly balanced and dangerously addictive dessert.

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