There’s no denying the delicate beauty and the joy that roses can bring. Simply put by French poet, Jean Richepin “one may live without bread, not without roses.” After all, roses are a universal symbol to some very powerful elements such as love, beauty, and sympathy.

But did you know that roses can also offer surprising health benefits?


According to Ayurvedic practices, these flowers can soothe inflamed skin, improve digestion, cleanse the body of toxins, and bring balance to hormones. But don’t use that beautiful arrangement your beau got you! Roses sold at commercial vendors are often heavily sprayed with pesticides and shouldn’t be consumed.

Instead, treat yourself to these delicious selections and start feeling and tasting the love!

1. Rose Latte 


Roses put a very sweet spin on the traditional latte with their edible petals and syrups. Sipping on a vegan rose latte is like soaking your stress away in a fragrant bath while reading your favorite book. You can make it on your own or head to Routine in Brooklyn, NY for this decadent drink – if you’d like another rose treat, you can always pair it with their rosewater cupcake.


2. Waffles With Rosewater Syrup

Breakfast in bed is the perfect way to kick off the morning with those warm cozy feels. Try our favorite Spelt Waffles with Rosewater Maple Syrup, pictured above, for the ultimate breakfast experience. Everything about these waffles oozes rosy goodness, from their precious pink color (from the beetroot powder) to rosewater adding a subtle floral drizzle.

3. Rose Chocolate

There’s chocolate and then there’s next level indulgence. One nibble out of these babies takes you on a magical journey that will lift your spirits and change the way you eat chocolate forever. These Righteously Raw Rose Bites boast rose hips with anti-inflammatory benefits and this  Chocolita Moontime Rose contains luscious rose petals and organic herbs to help support your menstrual cycle. Still not convinced that chocolate is life? Here are 5 Health Reasons Why Chocolate Totally Belongs in Your Self-Care Routine.

4. Rose Petal Spread


Give your toast a makeover with a delicious rose spread. For a sensational rose petal spread, check out vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda. This brand also suggests enjoying their concoction as a topping for desserts or adding it to warm milk for a soothing bedtime drink. As another option, you can try using the spread as a sweet layer to this Rose Jam Cheesecake with Oat Crust.



5. Rose Tea

Complement the rose spread on your toast with a soothing cup of rose tea. This tea is said to have many benefits, which include a boosted immune system and menstrual relief for cramps. For our favorite picks, check out Numi Organic White Rose and Tulsi Sweet Rose. If you’re feeling adventurous, try filling up your cup with this fragrant Early Grey Rose Nectar recipe, pictured above. Swirl in an extra bit of comfort to your tea by adding your favorite nut milk or trying these Natural Sweeteners That Are Healthy Honey Substitutes.


6. Rose Elixir


Add a shot of rose nectar to any of the rose-infused beverages mentioned above or to a bubbly glass of kombucha. Sip on your elixir, grab your magical rose chocolates, and meditate to powerful heart-opening mantras like I am worthy of good thingsand “I love myself.”

7. Candied Rose Petals


Candied rose petals are the simple way to go if you want to create a treat worthy of being showcased in a bakery window. All you need are freshly rinsed organic rose petals (patted dry with bottom white tips removed), granulated sugar, vegan egg wash, and a pastry brush. Brush your vegan egg wash onto each of the petals then sprinkle them with sugar. For vegan egg ideas check out No Eggs, No Problem- 10 Vegan Egg Replacers for all of Your Baking and Cooking Needs.


Lay the petals on parchment paper to dry overnight and store in the freezer if you don’t want to use them right away. Adorn any of your confection creations with these petals for a romantic and sophisticated look.

8. Raw Rose Desserts

You’ve probably heard of all the benefits associated with keeping a raw diet such as lowering inflammation and an increase in energy. These Rose Coconut Cheesecake Bars are a perfect raw treat! These decadent bars are totally Instagram-worthy and make an amazing snack or gift! The sultry cheesecake layer is nut-based with a handful of rose petals while the base contains the sweetness of medjool dates and maple syrup. Still craving? Try your hand at this Raw Pistachio Rose Cake, pictured above. Plate both creations with your candied rose petals to wow your loved ones.

9. Rose Petal Granola

Lavish, sophisticated, and fancy. These are just a few ways to describe Rose Petal, Cashew, And Olive Oil Granola, pictured above. For next level pampering you could always dollop on a bit of your rose petal spread and savor every last bit. Do the winter blues have you craving summer? Have yourself a tropical stay-cation with the Cantaloupe Rose Smoothie Bowl with Blueberry Cream. In this recipe, rosewater complements the heat of cardamom and cinnamon, along with the tang of cantaloupe and lime to serve up a delicious getaway.

10. Rose Cordial

Looking for a refreshing floral drink? Take a sip of this Hibiscus and Rose Cordial, pictured above. This crimson drink gets its romantic look from the combination of dried rose petals and hibiscus flowers. Top it off with some sparkling water and let it lift your senses to new heights.

11. Raspberry Rose Sorbet

Raspberry Rose Sorbetpictured above, is the perfect rose dessert with its floral meets tart vibes and seductive color. Dried rose petals give this dessert its charm while raspberries pack the punch of antioxidants. For a bit of crunch, break up your rose chocolates and mix them right in.

12. Rose Cupcakes

We were bound to put cupcakes on the list because seriously, who doesn’t love a tiny velvety cake topped with creamy icing? To start, these Cardamom Rose Cupcakespictured above, bring the heat with their sweet and spicy kick while their rosewater frosting adds a floral note. Then get a taste of the lavish life with these Royal Rose Scented Cupcakes, compliments of their culinary grade dried roses.

13. Rose Parfait

What’s better than a unicorn latte? Well, try the Unicorn Chia Parfait (pictured above), with edible rose petals! The best part? The recipe calls for any type of edible flower, so you can use roses or your favorite edible flower!

14. Pineapple And Rose-Infused Strawberry Bread

This moist Pineapple and Rose-Infused Strawberry Bread, pictured above, will melt in your mouth like vegan butter and its rose-infused strawberry topping will tempt your sweet tooth. Whipped coconut cream oozes from underneath the strawberries for a decadent flavor.

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