When it comes to cooking, eggs come in handy in all sorts of ways. They are binders for baking, they’re usually a prerequisite for battering, and of course, they are a breakfast favorite. While, in the past, it may have seemed impossible to find an adequate egg replacement, nowadays there are all sorts of products you can buy.

Seeds, flours, leavening, and even algae can be transformed into a substance that whips, cooks, and binds just like regular eggs. Win! You are no longer bound by egg requirements on the back of your favorite baking mixes! And with a bit of seasoning, like nutritional yeast and black salt, there are even products that can even emulate diner-style scrambled eggs. Egg replacers are pretty much magic. To see it in action for yourself, check out these 10 vegan egg replacers!


  1. Ener-G Egg Replacer

    Ener-G Egg Replacer is a product made from potato starch, tapioca flour, leaving (calcium lactate, calcium carbonate, citric acid), sodium carboxymethycellulose, and methylcellulose. Although some of the ingredients contain the word calcium or lactate, Ener-G makes a point to assure consumers that the product is in fact 100 percent dairy-free and vegan. To make the equivalent of one egg with this product, you simply have to mix one and half teaspoons of the mix with two tablespoons of warm water. Reviewers seem to love this product, saying it replaces egg seamlessly in baking and have made cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and french toast, with no problem. That being said, while almost all reviewers said that you can’t taste the difference between this product and regular egg, their finals results had a somewhat different texture and consistency. A few reviewers have been adding fruits and veggies, applesauce, and even beans, to make up for this. To try this product out for yourself, you can get one 16-ounce box for $8.

  2. Now Organic Flaxseed Meal

    Did you know that in addition to being a nutritious add-on to food, flax seed meal  can be used as an egg replacer? It’s true! Now Foods Flax Seed Meal is a cold-processed product that, according to the company, has a high amount of omega-3s, fiber, and magnesium, in each serving. Reviewers are reporting that this product is good quality and fresh tasting and have been using it as a healthy smoothie addition, as well as to make flax eggs. To try it out for yourself, you can get one 22-ounce bag for $9, just remember to store it in an airtight container after opening and refrigerate to maintain freshness.

  3. Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer

    Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer is a product made from whole soy flour, wheat gluten, corn syrup solids, and algin (from algae). According to Bob’s Red Mill, this product is similar to eggs in not only taste but nutritional benefits, since it is a good source of protein and fiber (each tablespoon has three grams of protein). Reviewers are reporting that this product is an excellent replacement for eggs and doesn’t change the taste in any baking. However, there are a few things worth noting. For one, although the box suggests mixing with water, several reviewers have had better results mixing it with non-dairy milk. Also, this product doesn’t have an extremely long shelf life, so you should only really consider buying it if you bake relatively frequently and will go through the product quickly enough. If you’d still like to try it, you can get one 16-ounce bag for $7.


  4. The Vegg Vegan Egg Yolk

    While many egg replacers on the market today are for replacing the whole egg, both white and yolk, the Vegg Vegan Egg Yolk is just for the latter. According to the company, this product can be used to make yolks for dipping toast and for bringing a rich, eggy flavor to dishes like french toast, challah bread, or tofu scramble. Reviewers reiterate the company and state that this product is not for replacing a whole egg in baking, it’s for using in dishes where you would normally use egg yolk. Reviewers report that this product is great for making an “egg salad” with tofu, and for adding a rich flavor to fried rice and potatoes. To try it out for yourself, you can get one 4.5-ounce container (almost 50 servings) for $14.

  5. Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg

    Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg is a 100 percent plant-based, gluten and soy free alternative that can be used just like traditional eggs. While many egg replacers can only be used as a baking alternative, and not as a stand-alone product for scrambled eggs, Follow Your Heart’s product can. It is made from whole algal flour, whole algal protein, modified cellulose, cellulose, gellan gum, non-dairy calcium lactate, carrageenan, nutritional yeast (for a cheesy touch) and black salt. Who would’ve thought algae could be transformed into eggs?! Reviewers are reporting that this egg replacement is “simply amazing,” very versatile, and with a bit of seasoning can emulate regular eggs perfectly! To see if this product lives up to the hype, you can get one four-ounce carton (the equivalent to a dozen eggs) for $11.50.

  6. Namaste Foods Egg Replacer

    Namaste Foods Egg Replacer is a gluten-free product made from tapioca starch, arrowroot starch, citrus fiber, cream of tartar, and sodium bicarbonate. It is also soy-free, wheat-free, nut-free, and non-GMO. This replacement is meant for use in baking with Namaste Foods specifying that is only meant for dishes where egg acts as a binder, it is not a stand-alone egg product. You can get six 12-ounce bags for $28.

  7. Healthworks Chia Seeds

    Similar to flax seeds, chia seeds can be transformed into a useful egg replacer. For example, reviewers are reporting that Healthworks Chia Seeds can be used to create chia gel, a binding agent in baked goods. Reviewers have had success making vegan cookies, cupcakes, and cakes, and report that the chia gel doesn’t change the flavor at all and adds a nice texture. These chia seeds also pack a pretty hefty nutritional punch with antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, and iron. You can get one five-pound bag for $20.

  8. Neat Egg

    Neat Egg is a soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO product made from two simple ingredients: chia seeds and garbanzo beans (or chickpeas). This product is meant to be used in recipes where egg is a binder, not a stand-alone product. The reviews on this product are somewhat mixed. Some reviewers rave about this product, sharing success stories in making breads, cakes, brownies, and pancakes. Others also cited success but are saying that the replacement required much more mixing than the packaging suggests. To try it out for yourself, you can get one 4.5-ounce bag (equivalent to 18 eggs) for about $3.50.

  9. Orgran No Egg

    Orgran No Egg is a zero-cholesterol, soy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free product. It is made from potato starch, tapioca flour, vegetable gum methylcellulose, calcium carbonate, and citric acid. Reviewers are reporting that this replacement works great and is good for boxed mixes as well as recipes from scratch. Each seven-ounce box is the equivalent of 66 eggs, and you can get it for $12.99.

  10. The Vegg Baking Mix

    Vegg Baking Mix is a cholesterol-free and GMO-free product that can be used in recipes as a replacement for an entire egg. It is made primarily from pea protein isolate, fortified yeast flakes, and black sea salt. To replace one egg, you simply have to mix one teaspoon of the mix with 1/4 cup water. Reviewers report adding this product seamlessly in their baked goods, as well as using it to create eggy tofu scrambles and egg nog! To try it out for yourself, you can get one six-ounce package (equivalent to 48 large eggs) for about $16.


  11. Put Your New Replacer to Work!

    Need some recipe inspiration to get you started? Well, let’s start with baking. Most of these egg replacers can be used to make baked goods like these Banana Peanut Butter Breakfast Muffins, these Apple Protein Doughnuts, or this Double Chocolate Cake.

    You can also use these egg replacers to bind everything together in savory recipes like this Cajun Quinoa Cakes, these Roasted Beet Burger Patties, or these Daikon Patties.

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    Lead image source: Orange Poppy Seed Muffins