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Jicama is a versatile vegetable, that can be cooked or eaten raw. It looks a bit like a potato or turnip, but the taste has been described as a cross between an apple or a water chestnut. However, you can season it to taste, bake it, and really make it taste like whatever you choose!

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1. Raw and Crispy Jicama Fries

Raw and Crispy Jicama Fries Source: Raw and Crispy Jicama Fries

These crunchy and savory Raw and Crispy Jicama Fries by Amanda Froelich are not fried at all! In fact, these raw fries are so crisp and seasonal. Try these out with a raw burger patty.

2. Watermelon & Jicama Salad

Watermelon & Jicama Salad Source: Watermelon & Jicama Salad

Jicama is usually referred to as a Mexican potato. It has that thick starchy texture but it is great in its raw form. This Watermelon & Jicama Salad by Ashley Smyczek is refreshing and perfect for summer. The crunch of the jicama is really nice against the watermelon and the dill and scallions make everything brighter.

3. Mushroom and Jicama Lettuce Wraps

Mushroom and Jicama Lettuce Wraps Source: Mushroom and Jicama Lettuce Wraps

These darling Mushroom and Jicama Lettuce Wraps by Korie Kha are easy, light, and wholesomely delicious! Jicama and Shiitake mushrooms are sliced, sautéed in a salty-sweet marinade, and then stuffed into Butterhead lettuce leaves. Serve with chili paste dipping sauce for a little more zing.

4. Raw Jicama Chili Cheese Fries

Raw Jicama Chili Cheese Fries Source: Raw Jicama Chili Cheese Fries

In these Raw Jicama Chili Cheese Fries by Amanda Nicole Smith, jicama fries tossed in spices and smothered with cashew tomato cheese and raw vegan taco meat made from veggies, seeds, and spices. For this recipe, the jicama is marinated and dehydrated with chili powder, smoked paprika, chipotle, turmeric, nutritional yeast, and sea salt — but any spices, like curry spice, will do. Sprinkle with plenty of fresh herbs and watch it disappear.

5. Mexican Jicama Energy Bites

Mexican Jicama Energy Bites Source: Mexican Jicama Energy Bites

This innovative Mexican Jicama Energy Bites recipe by Azucena Noriega draws inspiration from Mexican jicama candy. Shredded toasted coconut and jicama are combined with orange juice and brown sugar until sticky-sweet. They’re then coated in a smooth, rich dark chocolate that contrasts the citrus-y and coconut flavors of the energy bites. If you’re ever at a loss for what to do with jicama, then this simple snack recipe is a must-try.

6. Red Cabbage and Jicama Spring Rolls

Red Cabbage and Jicama Spring Rolls Source: Red Cabbage and Jicama Spring Rolls

These Red Cabbage and Jicama Spring Rolls by Renee Press are wonderful because they’re amazingly versatile, beautiful and nutritious. You can fill them with virtually any vegetable, so long as they’re thinly sliced. The spring roll wrappers can be found in the Asian aisle of most grocery stores, get the 8 or 9″ ones. The one thing you do not want to leave out of these guys are the fresh herbs. They MAKE the flavor of these rolls.

7. Jicama Burgers With Cumin, Coriander, Dill, and Lemon

Jicama Burgers With Cumin, Coriander, Dill, and Lemon Source: Jicama Burgers With Cumin, Coriander, Dill, and Lemon

These tasty Jicama Burgers With Cumin, Coriander, Dill, and Lemon by Emily von Euw are inspired by crab cakes and contain just five ingredients (if you count the spice blend as one!). While they may not taste fishy like a crab cake, the combination of jicama and walnuts creates a texture that is fairly spot-on. Also, with a blend of savory herbs mixed in, they taste amazing. There is no cooking involved, but if you don’t have a dehydrator, keep them in your oven at the lowest temperature until they are firm on the outside — or try cooking them! Just remember to serve them with avocado.

8. Jicama Chips

Jicama Chips Source: Jicama Chips

Jicama, also known as a Mexican yam bean, is a root vegetable — and we all know how great root vegetables are, especially in chip form. These Jicama Chips by Azucena Noriega are a super healthy snack, low in calories and with a lot of fiber.

9. Cilantro-Lime Jicama Fries

Cilantro-Lime Jicama FriesSource: Cilantro-Lime Jicama Fries

Craving french fries? These Cilantro-Lime Jicama Fries by Crystal Bonnet are sure to satisfy! Tossed in cilantro, lime, and chipotle pepper, and then baked to perfection, these are a healthy and tasty alternative. Serve with zesty chipotle mayonnaise to really complete this snack!

10. Avocado Grapefruit Jicama Salad

Avocado Grapefruit Jicama Salad Source: Avocado Grapefruit Jicama Salad

Avocado grapefruit jicama – this fabulous Avocado Grapefruit Jicama Salad by Viktoria Radichkova combines the freshest most delicate flavors in one bowl – crunchy jicama, crisp and cool cucumbers, bitter-sweet grapefruit and creamy avocado, with fresh lime juice and lots of cilantro.

Cook Plant-Based Recipes at Home

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help with chronic inflammationheart healthmental wellbeingfitness goalsnutritional needsallergiesgut health, and more! Dairy consumption also has been linked to many health problems, including acnehormonal imbalancecancerprostate cancer and has many side effects.

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