We love Toast. Not lightly crisped bread slathered with jam, although we totally love that too, but Toast the dog. We love her so much that there is a staffer here who actually feels Toast is her spirit animal. That’s a love that runs deep.

In case you haven’t had the good fortune of seeing the adorable King Charles Cavalier before, Toast is a rescued puppy-mill dog whose caring pet parent made her an Instagram sensation. Seriously, she has over 100 thousand followers and has posed for photo ops with celebs like Aziz Ansari and Irina Shayk. Like her description on Instagram says, she’s a NYC “it” girl!


Nothing makes us happier than a rescue happy ending. Animals that are able to escape a life of abuse and subjugation, to have a second chance, constantly renew our faith that we can all make a difference. When Green Monsters around the world take an animal from a dire existence and give them a life of comfort, that’s what truly makes us smile. So, instead of celebs, we imagined what it would be like if Toast did a little hobnobbing with the stars of our world … more rescued animals!


Toast and Raju the elephant could be lunch buddies in Raju’s new digs!

Grind TV



If Toast and Esther the Wonder Pig were in the same place, we think the world might implode from cute.

The Thinking Vegan

Einstein and Toast could swap stories about rubbing elbows with celebrities.

Reshare Worthy

Delilah and Toast would spend time doing all of the awesome stuff dogs and cows should be able to do, thanks to being rescued!

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary



We think Zeus and Toast would be a pretty spectacular ambassadors for animal welfare. 

Big Cat Rescue

Lil Bub and Toast would go to ASPCA events for special needs rescues.

Daily Dot


Frosty and Toast would take the cutest walks we’ve ever witnessed. Ev-er.

Design n Trend

Lead image source: Daily Dot