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If I told you my new favorite New York City comedian was a toothless King Charles Cavalier, would you be surprised?

Well, the second you take a peak a the Instagram account of “Toast,” (said toothless canine) there is NO WAY you won’t join me in my furry infatuation.

Toast was rescued from a puppy mill in New York, and no sooner did she fall into the loving arms of her human than she began to blow up Instagram.

And with good reason. Despite her unhappy past, Toast’s wild personality and overwhelmingly-adorable charm shine through in her hilarious posts via @ToastMeetsWorld.

Toast is an outstanding example of how rescue pets  can teach us amazing life lessons, make us laugh uncontrollably, and most importantly inspire us to get off the couch and go adopt a rescue pet STAT! Is it weird that I sometimes feel like Toast is the only creature on the planet that really gets me…?

“I had a meeting at SoulCycle today and it was pretty serious. Bikini season is no laughing matter and they promised to get me ready.”

“3 day weekend!!!”

“Fashion week is almost here, green juice cleansing is a MUST.”

“Ladies, get a Beyoncé playlist ON and tune this day out.”

“Panini Hunting. ‘Nuff said.”

“I can lasso a squirrel with my tongue.”

“Party’s Over. Let’s get down to business.”

“‘True Detective’ is too creepy for me…I prefer ‘Seinfeld’ thankyouverymuch.”

“Wish I could be…part of that WOOOOOOORLD”

This month my book club is reading #SassafrassJones, the charming story of a dog with special medical needs waiting to find a Forever Home. As a #PuppyMill rescue, I really identified with this book and wanted to remind people to #AdoptDontShop

Lead image source: toastmeetsworld / Instagram