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Demand for those cute, doe-eyed puppies displayed in pet store windows has given rise to giant puppy mills throughout the United States. Dogs breed in puppy mills suffer similar conditions to factory farmed animals; they’re trapped in cramped cages and live in their own filth, amidst fear and pain. And  much like factory farms, puppy mills are not illegal.

Puppy mill breeding dogs are considered “livestock” and thus cruelty laws differ for them as oppose to our companion cats and dogs. But, there is good news!

Thankfully, many major U.S. cities have seen how cruel these puppy mill operations are and have enacted city-wide bans on the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores, including “San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.” Chicago and Milwaukee may soon join the list!

There are over 5,500 healthy shelter dogs who are euthanized every day. Be the change and save a life. Adopt, don’t shop.

In honor of Puppy Mill Action Week, here are 5 amazing puppy mill rescues to give you hope:

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