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Within the last six months Phoenix, Chicago, and four cities in Florida joined a growing list of cities across North America that have banned the sale of pet store puppies and kittens. This is significant for the crackdown on puppy mills since most pet store puppies come from puppy mills.

Puppy mill dogs are similar to factory-farmed animals; the only difference is the state in which they end up on the shelves. Thankfully because of organizations like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), stories of rescued dogs from puppy mills make it into our news feeds. Stories like those about Luca, Moxie, and (who could forget) Ricky Bobby are an inspiration in the fight against puppy mills.

What’s more, the fight to ban puppy mills is definitely on and progressing! Here a five things that you can do to take part!

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Issues

Watch these five videos of amazing puppy mill rescues. (Tip: grab the tissues.) Watching the incredible work that is being done to help stop puppy mills is uplifting and will inspire you to take action to aid these animals.

2. Always Adopt, Never Buy

Always adopt, never a companion. For every companion purchased from a pet store, that’s money in the pocket of a puppy mill breeder. After watching the five videos above, who would want to Support the mass production of puppies? Always adopt!

3. Foster

Not ready for a long-term commitment? Foster! Many rescue groups have short and long-term foster programs. Some just need fosters for a weekend! Now how easy is that?

4. See Something, Say Something

Never be silent in the fight to help animals! If you see a dog in a pet store, make a complaint! If you suspect or see a puppy mill operation use OGP’s Tiny Rescue hotline directory and call a hotline for assistance!

5. Support Puppy Mill Busters (and Rescues!)

Consider a monetary donation or volunteer your time to any of the top puppy mill busters, like the ASPCA, HSUS, and/or The Puppy Mill Project. Help raise awareness by sharing information about puppy mills on social media. Every little bit of action helps! You can Support animal rescues that are directly involved with helping puppy mill dogs such as National Mill Dog Rescue, Hearts United for Animals and  North Shore Animal League.

Image source: Monica PC/Flickr