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What amazing news for all dogs that have survived the horrors of life in a puppy mill! Harley, the Chihuahua, puppy mill survivor and best from of the wonderful “flat” Teddy has successfully beaten out the competition and gained the coveted cover shot for Modern Dog Magazine.

Receiving over 100,000 votes, this little one-eyed Chihuahua will don the magazine’s cover spreading the word about puppy mills across the country. Much like Teddy, Harley is using his fame to do something amazing, giving a voice to the thousands of animals living in deplorable conditions in puppy mills.

Harley was rescued thanks to National Mill Dog Rescue and has not only gained second chance at a happy life and a loving home, but the ability to make a difference for so many other animals. This win for Harley is surely shared with many, many other pups and we can only wait to see what an incredible impact Harley’s appearance on Modern Dog will have for mill dogs everywhere.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, puppy mills are large-scale breeding facilities where dogs are kept in small cages, not properly cared for, and essentially bred over and over to meet the demands of pet shops. Click here to learn more about puppy mills and the work being done by National Mill Dog Rescue. To congratulate Harley on the win, leave a comment on his Facebook page, here.

Image source: Harley/Facebook