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So You Wanna Unleash Your Green Monster With One Green Planet?

Are you a Green Monster? It’s time to show us what you’ve got!

Join our rad green monsters (see the photo roll below!) and tell us what makes YOU a Green Monster! Whether you are a blogger, organization, business or a bad ass OGP fan that likes to run on plant-fuel, recycle religiously, is addicted to the DIY life, or has an undying love for sloths, we want to know all the awesome things you do that make you part of our outrageously incredible green monster family. Help us share the faces behind the causes and promote your efforts and lifestyle with the world!

Here is all you need to know to take part in this campaign:

  • Take a selfie and caption it (with witty/cool/kick ass one-liners or quotes describing why you are a green monster), then add the hashtag #IMAGREENMONSTER on the image. To ensure your text does not get cut off, please ONLY use square images. If you are selfie shy, don’t worry you can also use regular photos, photos of your animals/pets/food, make cute GIF’s or short videos.
  • Post your selfie on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook. Make sure your update includes 1. #IMAGREENMONSTER 2. @onegreenplanet and 3. a link to this campaign page (otherwise, we won’t be able to track and feature it!)

Here’s an example, “I believe in the power of Kale! #IMAGREENMONSTER Join the campaign at @onegreenplanet  [UPLOAD IMAGE]”

  • Post as many captioned selfies as you like!
  • Here are some options to help you make your own captioned selfies:
    • If you’re using a web browser, take a photo or grab one from your library and upload it to AddText. From there, add your captions and hit download.
    • If you’re using a smartphone, download the free app Kwote (iPhone & Android friendly), upload your picture, add your caption, and save to your camera roll. You can also use the Make a Meme app (free and iPhone friendly).
    • If you want to go all out (like we did!) and add bells and whistles to your selfies, we recommend using PicMonkey.
    • You can also use the classics: Photoshop, Gimp, or Paint to add captions.
  • We’ll be featuring our favorite selfies from readers, brands and organizations. So, get busy, and put your creative hats on and help us get you and your lifestyle, causes and efforts out there!

It’s that easy. Let’s get snapping!

Bare those Green Monster teeth and let’s see you RAWRRRRR like these awesome green monsters below!