A starving polar bear approached a house in an Artic outpost after getting her tongue stuck in a tin can. The animal was unable to eat, and her legs were shaking from hunger and dehydration.

Source: The Telegraph/Youtube

The polar bear approached the humans, pleading for help to get the empty can of condensed milk off of her tongue. The man in Dikson in northern Russia attempted to help the animal remove the sharp edge from the bear’s mouth, but the tongue was wedged too deep.

The man called a team of vets who arrived after a 2,125-mile air and road journey and were able to sedate the polar bear and remove the can. According to the Russian environmental watchdog chief Svetlana Radionova, the bear is being treated for multiple cuts on her tongue. The young female weighed between 80-90 kg or 176-198 pounds. The bear will be monitored before being returned to the wild with a supply of fish. The Moscow Zoo prepared 50kg of fish for the bear to help with its recovery.

Polar bears do not typically approach humans, but the bear was so desperate and starving that she had no choice. The bear likely got the tin stuck while scavenging for food in the trash. Hungry polar bears are becoming reliant on landfills and nearby trash as they cope with climate change destroying their habitat.

Source: Reuters/Youtube

Polar bears rely on sea ice to hunt seals. However, amid the rising global temperature, the Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the world. Sea ice is melting earlier and freezing later, which is forcing bears to spend more time on shore, away from their natural prey.

Consuming the garbage can make the bears sick, and they end up eating plastic and other materials that can cause death and block their intestines. There is also a concern about local wildlife managers killing the bears out of concern for public health.

Unfortunately, scientists say that the problem is likely to get worse. Human populations are increasing in places where thousands of polar bears live. In Nunavut, Canada, home to thousands of polar bears, the population has been increasing and is expected to grow 40 percent by 2043.

These rural areas often do not have great waste management due to temperature and location. When the ground is frozen, it is hard for them to bury garbage, and getting trucks out there is expensive. The scientists say that to fix this problem, there will need to be federal funding.

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