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Footage from Mont Mosan Animal Park in the Liege province in Belgium has gone viral. The footage shows two seals forced to tow children in a boat around the park.

A rope is tied to the animals as they pull three children around the amusement park. The seals then received a fish as a treat once they’re done pulling. Aaron Copette of animal rights organization “C’est Assez” spoke out against the footage and said that seals should not be in captivity.

See the footage, below:

Copette said, “I find it horrible what we are still doing to animals in 2020. All to entertain people and for money.” He said his organization was ‘doing everything they can to educate people who go to this kind of park and to make them understand that it is wrong. Even if the owner of the park says he does not abuse or lock up the animals, or force them to do shows, it is still a form of abuse. My goal is to denounce them so that people become aware of the plight of animals.”

Animals in captivity do not belong there. Dolphins and whales in captivity subject to stressful human interactions cause them physical and mental suffering. Animals in parks are confined to small tanks, which increase aggression and reduce necessary mental stimulation.

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