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Great news, Green Monsters! Looks like there will be a lot more plant-based options coming your way, thanks to Pinnacle Foods! The conglomerate and parent company to brands like Gardein, Earth Balance, Evol, Birds Eye, and Boulder Brands, announced that due to Gardein’s consistent success they will be putting a new emphasis on plant-based products.



“We actually think we are at a tipping point in terms of people starting to look at plants as an alternative to animal protein,” said Mark Schiller, president of North American Retail for Pinnacle Foods in an interview with Food Business News.

Seeing an opportunity, both from a monetary standpoint as well as a health and sustainability one, Pinnacle will be shifting the company’s strategy towards vegetables and plant-based proteins. Birds Eye, for example, has released Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, legume and whole grain “protein blends,” and even protein-packed, Disney-themed sides for children. Looks there’s something for even the pickiest of eaters!

Pinnacle will also be adding Gardein’s new product launches from this year, including their breakfast and pepperoni pockets, as well as their new skillet meals. Considering the brand performed significantly better than some of the conglomerate’s non-vegan brands such as Wishbone salad dressings, and Duncan Hines’ desserts, it’s no surprise that Pinnacle, whose net sales were over two and a half billion dollars last year, is gravitating towards these plant-based companies.

Pinnacle is not only in it for the money, though. As Schiller pointed out in an interview, he is well aware of the newest research regarding vegan foods, and is glad that the government is “on his side.” “No matter how you slice it the science will say, plants are good for you and better for the planet than an animal-based diet.”

Pinnacle’s shift is not only a result of consumer demand for plant-based foods but also is directly correlated with creating a more sustainable food system. As Nil Zacharias, co-founder and editor-in-chief of One Green Planet said, “Our current food system with animal agriculture at its core is broken, and there is a huge financial opportunity in betting on innovative foods as the disruptive force that can transform the industry from the inside out.”

The easier companies like Pinnacle Foods makes it for consumers to make better decisions, the more people will actually choose healthier and more sustainable options. We’re excited to see what products they’ll cook up for us next!

Image Source: Gardein/Facebook