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Gone are the days of grabbing a granola bar as you run out of the house. Gone are the mornings fueled by coffee and nothing else. GONE are the days of skipping breakfast altogether! Gardein, the company who brought us gems like mandarin orange crispy chicken strips and bbq porkless pockets, has finally released an item that caters to all the people who don’t greet mornings with sunny dispositions and whose main (er..only) concern at six in the morning is just trying to remember what being a functioning human entails.

It’s here. It’s finally happening. You can finally have a vegan breakfast on the go. Gardein just released their new breakfast pockets!

This week at Expo West, Gardein has been dropping all sorts of crazy delicious-sounding products on us. Pepperoni pizza pockets? New skillet meals that are super easy but make us feel like Emeril Lagasse? Yes, please! We didn’t even know Gardein could top themselves like this, but consider our minds blown.



The plant-based company just released the product, which like the rest of their line is flavor-packed and includes an ample amount of healthy protein. This is nice and all and we know you probably don’t need us to spell it out for you but besides the fact that these are delicious and healthy, here are three ways these new breakfast pockets are going to change our lives.

Mornings won’t be so hangry anymore.

We’ve all been there. You’re on the subway, the trains are delayed because of train traffic, you’re wondering why you don’t just Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind yourself out of work and run away to Montauk for the day. We get it. Mornings suck. Mornings are like when you reach into the cupboard and see a box of cookies only to realize someone took the last one and left the empty box there.  They’re terrible. But not anymore! These pockets are a reason to get excited about mornings again. They’re tasty, they’re fast to make, and they’re going to keep you full so that you have one less reason to hate mornings. Now if only we could do something about the subway…

Your mom can stop worrying about you now.

Let’s get real, your mom isn’t worried about your lunch or dinner meals. She knows by lunch time your cognitive abilities have finally kicked in and you can take care of yourself again. Breakfast has always been that meal that has worried mothers. We don’t really have statistics to prove this to you right now, but you know it’s true. She wants you to have that brain food that will help you succeed in life so she doesn’t have to be embarrassed at family parties when people ask how you’re doing. These breakfast pockets have quality, plant-based ingredients you can feel good about like, tofu scramble, vegan cheddar shreds, spinach, and red peppers. They’re even soy-free and GMO-free! Make your mom proud!!

Everyone will be jealous of your life.

These breakfast pockets are going to make you look like you have your life figured out. Can’t you imagine it? You’re walking down the street. Briefcase in one hand, hot, steaming breakfast pocket in the other. You are Naomi Campbell and the sidewalk is the runway. Insert whatever the male equivalent to that is. People are going to be wondering what your secret is. They’re going to be like holy hell! I wish I had MY life that together! Yeah. You’re one breakfast pocket away from envy.

So there you have it. These pockets may not solve world hunger or accomplish world peace but we’d like to think they’re a step in that direction. For now, we’ll just celebrate how amazing they are.