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This artist at PETA created a campaign to reimagine cherished Disney dogs as neglected pets to raise awareness about animal abuse. Tiani Hernandez is a California-based animal lover, Disney fan, and senior social media artist for PETA. The 26-year-old created a campaign for PETA with illustrations of Disney dogs, including Pluto, dogs from 101 Dalmations, and Lady and the Tramp.

The illustrations show the dogs chained and left outside, sad, hungry, and alone. Hernandez told Insider that she based the illustrations on real-life dogs that PETA’s rescue team has found.

“Even people who have never had a companion animal know and love these Disney dogs, so by drawing them in these horrible situations, hopefully people will start to think about how much chained and penned dogs suffer,” she said.

Although to most of us, dogs are a part of the family, some people treat them horribly. Some may leave their dogs outside chained up as “cheap alarm systems,” Hernandez said. Sometimes their chains are so short they can barely move or they can’t reach their food or water or don’t even have any of either.

One illustration, “Lady and the Tramp,” shows the two dogs trying to reach the plate of spaghetti with tears in their eyes but their chains are too short to reach.

“They’re often deprived of food, water, and veterinary care. Their emotional and social needs are completely ignored,” she said.

In the illustration of Pluto, the dog is outside, chained up to a tree in extreme heat. Micky and Minnie can be seen inside drinking cold lemonade while the dog suffers in the heat. Dogs that are chained outside are subject to all kinds of weather conditions, while many don’t have any sort of shelter.

Hernandez also created an illustration from the “101 Dalmations,” showing a mother dalmatian in a cage with dozens of puppies while the father dog stands outside of the cage with tears in his eyes. The picture was inspired by PETA’s rescue mission of nearly 40 dogs from a Michigan breeder.

“Breeding operations are just horrible for both the parents and the puppies,” Hernandez told Insider. “So you can see Perdita and Pongo are separated, looking at each other, and crying. The dogs are sitting in their own feces.”

To see all of Hernandez’s illustrations, check out Disney Dogs Reimagined.

Animal abuse is more prevalent than many may think. According to PetPedia, every 60 seconds, an animal suffers from abuse, with more than 65 percent being dogs. More than 10 million animals die from abuse every year in the US alone, not including the livestock bred for consumption, who also suffer immense abuse. Animal abuse happens everywhere and is a serious issue. We need more laws to protect animals and hold abusers accountable. Sign this petition to demand all states make all animal abuse a felony now!

To reduce the number of suffering dogs on the streets and dogs who are euthanized, it’s important to adopt instead of shop for a dog and never support breeding. Familiarize yourself with tips for adopting so you’re well prepared and read about why breeding dogs is a problem, even if the breeder is “reputable.” 

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