pet adopt

You want to welcome a furry bundle of joy in your life and not sure where to get started. Well, the pet shop is definitely one place you should avoid! Here’s all you ever needed to know about why you should adopt (and not buy) a pet. Play close attention and then go and spread this wisdom with the rest of the world!!


Go to a store, and you’re just another customer with a wallet. Go to an animal shelter, and save a life!  The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 4 million dogs and cats will be “euthanized” this year in American animal control facilities. You can help change that statistic! How can you argue with that kind of heroism?  Let’s face it, not every dog is like Lassie. Most pups need your help to get out of tough situations. So why not squeeze into your favorite superhero unitard and save the world from the clutches of evil!  Okay, without getting too carried away, even if you scrap the outfit, at least you can find yourself a furry sidekick!