Greta Thunberg, activist and global environmentalist, turned 18 on January 3. She did a birthday interview and thanked fans celebrating with a snarky tweet.

Thunberg has had quite a significant few years, from speaking at the United Nations, “political leaders have failed us – but now change is coming.” The founder of Fridays For Future movement has traveled around the world sharing a message of hope for the environment.

Known for her wit, Thunberg did not disappoint. “Thank you so much for all the well-wishes on my 18th birthday!” she said. “Tonight you will find me down at the local pub exposing all the dark secrets behind the climate- and school strike conspiracy and my evil handlers who can no longer control me! I am free at last!!”

Thunberg has said she stopped buying new clothes and is a vegan to support her environmental activism.  In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine to mark her birthday, she was asked about celebrities talking about climate change while flying around the world. “I don’t care,” she told the Sunday Times magazine. “I’m not telling anyone else what to do, but there is a risk when you are vocal about these things and don’t practise as you preach, then you will become criticised for that and what you are saying won’t be taken seriously.”

On clothes, she told the outlet, “The worst-case scenario I guess I’ll buy second-hand, but I don’t need new clothes. I know people who have clothes, so I would ask them if I could borrow them or if they have something they don’t need any more. I don’t need to fly to Thailand to be happy. I don’t need to buy clothes I don’t need, so I don’t see it as a sacrifice.”

In true Greta fashion, her ideal birthday present would be “promise from everyone that they will do everything they can” for earth. Happy birthday, Greta!

Read more about Thunberg in One Green Planet, including her interview with David Attenborough, new Hulu documentary and her participation at COP25.

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