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Vegan Fashion Week is the leading fashion movement that has been working to bridge the gap between sustainability and ethics since 2018. The event has brought a unique message and global impact on the media and the fashion industry. The event has sparked the interest of governments and companies around the work, solidifying Los Angeles as one of the leading ethical fashion destinations in the world.

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This year, Vegan Fashion Week collaborated with the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles to present Vegan World, the only professional vegan trade show in the world. Vegan World is an immersive environment that allows people from all walks of life to experience vegan fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Vegan World featured a catalog of successful vegan designers that have been handpicked by Emmanuelle Rienda, Vegan Fashion Week’s founder and creative director. The focus of the event will be on international female-owned brands, including Nous Étudions from Argentina, Veganologie from Dubai, Vegan Tiger from Korea, Mindful Pigs from Canada, Sentient from Mexico, Shoes 53045 from France, and Fan All Flames, Dooeys, and Sylven New York from the USA.

Emmanuelle Rienda said, “We are creating an international community of emerging fashion talents influencing the industry, in a highly saturated and extremely competitive space. Our professional platform, inclusive of Vegan Fashion Week®, trade shows and a permanent showroom, is an environment of impact, generating cultural experience and awareness that high fashion can be kind, elevated and thoughtful.”

Singer Mýa was in attendance alongside fashion industry professionals and influencers. Eventgoers were able to discover amazing new collections of apparel, handbags, and shoes made from cruelty-free materials, such as plant-based leather from cactus, apple skin, grapes, and mulberry tree leaves.

Rienda plans to continue growing the global fashion scene with collaborations between activists. Among other events led by Vegan Fashion Week is the Vegan Fashion Library, a permanent LA-based showroom that showcases vegan and sustainable brands. The showroom is a key marketing opportunity for brands to be seen by top fashion editors, influencers, stylists, buyers, and celebrities.


Much like our food, it’s easy for many to forget where their clothes come from. Animals are far too often exploited and misused in the fashion industry. When fashion literally kills, it’s time for us to begin educating ourselves and the public about how animals are exploited in the fashion industry and what we can do to change the horrifying realities. 

There are so many great alternatives to all of these materials that don’t require anyone to lose their life. Check out apple leather, pineapple leather,  mushroom leather, fur alternatives, and lab-grown leather

Many companies have either stopped selling or are committed to phasing out the use of animal skins and furs in their products. Kering Group has begun investing in lab-grown cow-free leather, Moda Operandi banned fur and exotic skins thanks to a PETA letter, and Armani announced they will ban Angora wool. Check out these 10 brands that have dropped fur, wool, and exotic skins in the past year.  Sign this petition to demand major fashion brands like Prada, Versace, Armani, Michael Kors, Zara, H&M, Coach, Chanel, and more replace animal leather with plant-based alternatives!

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