For years, animal activists and animal lovers around the world have been calling to put an end to the use of animal fur. Despite the abundance of alternatives available on the market, many brands continued to torture and kill helpless animals in the name of fashion.

One of those brands, Italian fashion house Moncler, has just announced that it is finally phasing out fur – a decision that came after years of protests and activists pushing for change.

The announcement to phase out fur came with the introduction of the company’s Born to Protect campaign.

“What started as a clear mission to protect from the cold, has evolved to a commitment to protect people and the planet, while acknowledging there is still a long way to go. We used to climb mountains. Now, we must move them,” the company wrote on its website.

The campaign includes a collection of items that use more sustainably-sourced materials, such as recycled and bio-based synthetic fibers.

Beyond introducing the campaign, the company added that it plans to phase out the use of fur in all its collections. In a press release, they said, “The company will stop sourcing fur this year and the last collection to feature fur will be Fall/Winter 2023.”

They added that the “decision is consistent with Moncler’s ongoing commitment to responsible business practices and builds on the brand’s constructive and long-term engagement with the Italian animal rights organization LAV as a representative of the Fur Free Alliance.”

The company still uses down feathers in all of its collections, with no announcement on making changes there. However, its decision to phase out fur is a huge win for animal rights.

Sign this petition to demand fashion houses and companies to stop selling fur.

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