Armani announced on Wednesday that they will no longer be using angora wool starting in the autumn and winter seasons of 2022-2023.

The Italian luxury company decided to ban the fur after experiencing pressure from animal rights activists against the cruel practice. Armani has been known for making positive changes to their company as they went fur-free in 2016. In 2019, they also signed the Fashion Pact to address climate change.

Armani is just one of many high-end fashion brands that have started to ban animal products from their lines. It has become much clearer to fashion brands that if they want to stay on top, they must end their support of animal cruelty and remove animal-derived products from their lines.

Angora wool is another extremely cruel animal product that is used in the fashion industry. The fur is pulled from live rabbits, which causes immense pain and exposes them to the elements. They endure this over and over until they are cruelly killed and sold for meat

There is no longer a need for real fur, leather, angora wool, or sheep’s wool with so many faux alternatives to choose from. These industries are built off of animal cruelty and need to be permanently banned for good. 

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