When you consider yourself a nature lover or environmentalist, it can be really easy to feel discouraged when others don’t share your passion for the natural world. We all have this wonderful planet to thank for our very livelihoods, but our daily actions and consumption habits are causing serious damage to the planet. When we hear news about studies that further prove factory farming is polluting our air and water supplies or that global temperatures have reached a new high, we can’t help but to feel like all hope is lost.

We have all been there, but this is certainly no reason to give up. We are at a critical point in human history where we need to make swift and direct action to clean up our acts, otherwise we’re set to lose the environment that we know and love. Never forget that one single person can make an enormous positive impact just by making one minor change their consumption habits. Don’t believe us? Then you probably never knew that you could drastically cut your personal water use and literally half your carbon footprint by leaving meat off your plate. Seriously, just one shift can change the world.


As Green Monsters, it is our job to inspire and empower others to help make our environment healthier and happier. So, if you’re in need of a quick shot of inspiration, check out these quotes about nature and get out there and keep fighting for what you believe in.

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Graphics by Hannah Williams

Lead image source: Hannes Maurere/Flickr