After taking back a village, The National Guard of Ukraine found many objects left behind, including a Belgian Shepherd who they now call, Max.

Russian forces were occupying a small village in the Nikolaev region near Mykolaiv before the Mykolaiv National Guards regained control of the area. Now, the National Guards have a new trophy dog, Max. Max originally belonged to the occupiers who captured the village but when the territory was taken back, Max was taken in by one of the local families, according to a National Guard of Ukraine Facebook post.

When Max was found, he was wearing a Russian camouflage collar with напи5.45 on it, which means “Protector,” and they knew then that he was a trained service dog.

The National Guard of Ukraine said, “This is a Belgian shepherd, about three years old and he is in great shape. All the base teams know. So far he understands teams only in the language of the occupiers, but Ukrainian language classes have already begun.”

The trained military dog rejoined forces, but this time, to defend Ukraine. The pup has already begun to learn Ukrainian commands and will soon join Ukrainian forces “defend Ukraine and nibble Russian asses,” said guard Dmitry.

So many innocent lives have been lost, countless volunteers are helping to rescue animals all over the country, and many people are staying behind to help feed hundreds of refugees every day. The impact of the Russian invasion has been devastating for the environment and the global food supply and has even caused mass animal deaths like these dolphins in the Black Sea. Activists all around the world are standing for the people of Ukraine and demanding an end to this war. 

Sign this petition to stand with Ukraine and check out 10 Ways to Help People and Animals in Ukraine!

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