Despite what the mainstream media would have us believe, we don’t live in a cruel, heartless world. While it’s easy to zero in on bad news and conclude that people suck, the truth is, humanity has proven itself to be a warmhearted species time and time again. We can find caring, compassionate people all around us, if we take the time to look. As you read this, there are people saving farm animals from certain death, lobbying politicians to pass animal protection bills, gently rehabilitating abused dogs and so much more.

And if you’re looking for humane humans, there are plenty of locales that attract these kinds of people like moths to a flame. From vegan potlucks to farm animal sanctuaries, here are some of the places where you’ll find the world’s most compassionate people:

Animal Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries take a massive amount of work. Caring for animals, whether wild or farm, takes round-the-clock dedication. Inhabitants need food, water, socialization and medical attention — not to mention lots of other needs met. Folks who create and work at these organizations are among the most dedicated and compassionate in the world.

Vegan Outreach Events

Be it at a delicious potluck dinner or a pamphlet-packed table on a crowded walkway, vegan outreach advocates are spreading the word about cruelty-free living, often on their own dime. From helping people through the transition to plant-based eating to showcasing factory farm footage in order to change minds (and hearts), these people do incredible and often challenging work, all in the name of our animal friends.

Rescue Groups

Dogs, cats, rats, ferrets: name the animal and it has its own cadre of rescue organizations. From street dogs to feral cats, abandoned horses to homeless rats, there’s a group for every creature.The people who dedicate themselves to rescue are warm, tireless and strong. They work to re-home and rehabilitate abandoned, abused and homeless animals in droves, often facing heartbreaking circumstances and limited resources. It’s exhausting work, and takes more than a hefty reserve of compassion.

Plant-Based Food Companies

The number of companies devoted to cruelty-free cuisine is growing by the day. From Beyond Meat and Tofurky to Hampton Creek and Gardein, there are all kinds of organizations churning out delicious food that’s starting to change the minds of mainstream consumers when it comes to meatless eating. This takes creativity, dedication and a whole lot of compassion for the animals abused by our current food system.


There are hundreds — even thousands of non-profit groups dedicated to advocating to preserve and protect life on this planet. From ensuring endangered species are protected to informing consumers about inhumane practices at circuses, they cover all kinds of territory. Many work on shoestring budgets, and are often manned entirely by volunteers. Thanks to these charitable groups, both large and small, those who can’t speak are given a voice.

Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Companies

The years of blindly testing on animals without any public backlash are nearly over, thanks in large part to groundbreaking companies willing to stop the antiquated practice of using sentient beings to test their chemical hair sprays and lipsticks. Every year, compassionate new companies enter the marketplace, offering additional options to sympathetic consumers. These are staffed by people dedicated to creating exceptional products without the exploitation of other living things.

One Green Planet’s Green Monster Community!

While our readers technically can’t be found in one location (since they’re scattered across the globe) — you’re undoubtedly some of the planet’s most compassionate people. You can be seen tearing up over stories of elephants playing in the rain, rehabilitated horses and rescued mama cows, then sharing these amazing tales with your friends and loved ones. Without you, we wouldn’t exist, and your compassion for our fellow inhabitants on this planet is helping make a major difference.

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Image source: CALM action/Flickr