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Elephants may hardly resemble humans in appearance, but they sure know how to play in the rain like we do!

In this video, a group of rescued elephants enjoy the rain as if they have never seen it before. The adult elephants place their trunks into the mud, flinging it and grass onto their backs. At one point, they roll around in the mud and kick at it while the baby elephants play with them.

Rescued Elephants Have Fun in the Rain, Like They've Never Seen it Before

This video was filmed at Save Elephant Foundation’s Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the elephants are free to roam and enjoy their life, without being held captive or forced to do work. For more information on the foundation and the park, check out the Save Elephant Foundation website.

Elephant in the rain

Elephant societies are very fascinating, as they will help each other and grieve the loss of their young ones. Did you know that when passing the spot where their loved one died, many elephants will stop and stand silently for several minutes? They’re amazing creatures; click here to read Why It’s Not Fun to Be a Circus Elephant.

Rescued Elephants Have Fun in the Rain, Like They've Never Seen it Before

Lead image source: elephantnews/ Youtube