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10 Amazing Wild Animal Sanctuaries You Should Support

Wild animals are often seen in a dangerous light, but they have souls too, many of which are in need of saving. Sanctuaries are dedicated to wild animals for that sole purpose. Below are just a few wild animal sanctuaries that foster these unfortunate animals:

1. Bat World Sanctuary

Rescuing bats with their superb health rehabilitation treatments, Bat World Sanctuary takes pride in its efforts to save the much maligned bat. Founded in 1994, this sanctuary allows for their bats to be sponsored or adopted depending on their health condition. Through education of humane treatment towards bats, conservation of bat habitats, and protection of the species, Bat World Sanctuary aims to fully preserve the beauty of the bat.

2. Center for Great Apes

Orangutans and chimpanzees are often used for research, manipulated for entertainment, and kept as mere pets, but when they become unwanted, useless, where do they go? The Center for Great Apes takes in such animals, giving them peace. But, the Center cannot save them all. To help, do not purchase foods containing palm oil, as palm oil plantations destroy orangutan habitats, or donate to the sanctuary to directly assist their resident apes.

3. Born Free USA Sanctuary

Headquartered in Dilley, Texas, Born Free USA’s Primate Sanctuary allows for macaquesbaboons, and vervets to live a life free from danger and confinement. The primates choose their own companions and food, and they have full range of motion in the sanctuary’s vast natural enclosures. To ensure the privacy of their animals, the sanctuary does not allow public tours or visits, but welcomes donations and virtual “adoption” of their animals to support with upkeep costs.

4. Elephant Nature Park

Located in the Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand, Elephant Nature Park has been rescuing distressed elephants all across Thailand since the 1990s. The park is nestled around 10 miles away from the urban hub and is home to dozens of these majestic creatures. Their mission is to provide a sanctuary for elephants, but also to restore the rainforest, preserve the cultural community in Chiang Mai, educate visitors, and act independently to secure the wellbeing of their elephants.

5. Save the Chimps

Established in 1997 in response to the United States Air Force’s withdrawal from the chimpanzee research business, Save the Chimps sanctuary serves as a haven for chimps that have been rescued from dire situations. The sanctuary provides an optimum environment for their animals, giving them privacy, safety, and nourishment of all kinds. Each chimpanzee has individual value at the sanctuary.

6. Chimp Sanctuary Northwest

Presently providing refuge to seven former biomedical research chimpanzees, Chimp Sanctuary Northwest gives direct, individualized assistance and care to their animals. These current resident chimpanzees are known collectively as the Cle Elum Seven. The sanctuary is composed of 26-acres of farmland in the Cascade Mountains which is about 90 miles east of Seattle. Though the sanctuary does not permit visitors, it greatly appreciates donations and sponsorship of their chimpanzees.

7. Wild Animal Sanctuary

Specializing in the care of wild, carnivorous animals, the Wild Animal Sanctuary can be found in the outskirts of Keenesburg, Colorado in 720 acres of rural grassland. Habitants of this sanctuary include more than 290 carnivores. The sanctuary is the largest and oldest wild animal sanctuary in the United States.

8. Big Cat Rescue

The Big Cat Rescue serves maltreated and forsaken big cats, giving over 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, and other exotic felines a sanctuary and home to call their own. The Rescue aims to teach humane treatment of animals to the public, putting an end to abuse and further extinction. Founded on November 4, 1992, the Rescue is located in northern Tampa on 55 acres of land, and allows for tours of its facility.

9. Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary

Situated in Phelan, Calif., the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary rejuvenates the health of the animals in its custody. The animals are put first and are allowed to live an unrestricted lifestyle, and are not forced into groups. Education of the public is also paramount to the sanctuary, and it allows for tours of its premises and outreaches to the public for support of their operations.

10. Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) collects brutalized animals of the exotic and performing animal trades, providing them with a place “free from fear.” The founders of PAWS Sanctuary, Pat Derby and Ed Stewart, maintain three sanctuaries in Northern Calif., all of which house exotic wildlife. The site of original PAWS Sanctuary is in Galt, Calif., the other two are in Herald and San Andreas.

 Image Source: fortherock/Flickr