We think that the term “man’s best friend” is nice and all, but it doesn’t really come close to the depth and grace we feel when we’re truly connected to our quadruped blood brothers.  The major distinction here is that calling them  friends is great if you’re talking about your neighbor’s dog, but family, those are the ones who bail you out, who see you at your worst, who know your secrets and struggles and who feel them right along with you.

So, “man’s instant family” is the phrase we would prefer to use going forward.  Whether you were born into doggie co-habitation or your heart was melted by the purity of doggie eyes later in life, you know as well as we do that you wouldn’t be half the man or woman that you are today without a dog in the family.


1. They get it.  You know it. They know you know it, and it’s good to be got.


2. It’s true what they say, we do start to look like em. It warms the cockles to have a physical representation of a very familial feeling.

 “Bonnie! We’re out of conditioner, again!” Wait, which one is Bonnie? We don’t even know anymore.



3. Dog’s are themselves, objects of and examples for a meditative life.  Want to calm your mind? Slow your heart rate? Have overall feelings of peace and well-being? Who needs transcendental meditation? Just pet a dog… after the enlightenment, I mean.



4.  You wanna get nuts?! C’mon, lets get nuts!  

You have your very own steam-blowing-off valve… and it’s jowls are flappy!


5. If laughter is the best medicine, then all doctors should be dogs… because they are PRESCRIBIN’! 

melting dogilovefunnydogs


6. Deep down, we all have a need to take care of someone. 



7. As far as protection goes, dogs will be so much more effective than that body guard you saw advertising on Craigslist, and dogs don’t even want a day off.

“You got a problem,mister?”


8. Built in running partner to keep you honest and in shape! You think anyone else on the planet is about to go for a run with Ethan Hawk? Did you see”The Purge?” It’s not gonna happen.  His dog though… good girl.


9. It does both human and dog a whole lot of good  to not feel judged.  It lets you be whoever you are and that’s huge.

No judgements bro.  You do you. 


10. Dogs are the only beings we’ve ever known that love us more than they love themselves.  We all do pretty well with a  healthy bit of loving worship, don’t we?  Get home to your family already!


 Lead Image Credit: Michael Baugh