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Matthew Zumbo


I am a writer, and perhaps I’ve always been. My scenic choice is usually something deriving from or flowing to Philadelphia, either literally or conceptually, as that is where I boastfully hail from, tho not exclusively, just originally. I’m a 36 year old with a fair share of cross-country miles on me. I am also a vegan & raw foodist, bike messenger, carpenter, rigger, contrarian, husband, proud and besotted owner of both Maggie the pit bull (named for Kerouac’s first love interest) and Arlo the mutt. I am typically smirking, always thinking, reasoning, persisting, arguing, and enduring. These posts should distill down the many things that cause me to lose my grip, and the arguments that aid me in chasing it down. (Not unlike the way a Stella Artois continues its attempt to chase down Mr. Johnny Walker)