The Canadian Western Agribition took place the last week of November 2019 in Regina. The event included a rodeo that gathered animal rights protestors. Traditional rodeo events like calf roping have drawn protests from local animal groups.

Local activist Joe Kratz, director of the Regina Pig Save, said that the calf roping “tie down event,” is a problem and should not be allowed in the exhibition. He told CBC Radio about the event’s treatment of animals and animal welfare, “The calf comes out of the chute at a fast pace. When that rope comes around his neck, the cowboy, on his horse, stops and that calf is pulled back violently. You can always tell when [the calf] has a major injury because the cowboy won’t rope him, he just walks away. This happens all the time. Just because something is legal doesn’t necessarily make it right. People have to understand that we’re evolving as a society and people are standing up and saying this is not right anymore.”

Kratz compared the roping of calves to how people would feel seeing dogs roped, and said people need to make the connection between farm animals and pets.The CEO of the Agribition event said that rodeo is a high level of sport, and that animals are bred to partake in these events. Rules, regulations and codes are in place for the animals at the events.

See footage from the protest on Facebook:

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