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If you are considering buying a munchkin cat, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t buy one. As adorable and plump as they may be, the munchkin breed has a lot of problems associated with them. There is a price to pay, and it is paid by the animal, not the humans that buy them.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Munchkin Cat

1. There are Plenty of Normal Cats That Need Homes

The biggest reason why you shouldn’t buy a munchkin cat is there are so many other cats that need homes. Shelters are overflowing with them! As cute as munchkin cats may be, shelter cats are in such abundance that it doesn’t make sense to buy a specialty breed.

Every time someone buys from a cat breeder, a cat in an animal shelter misses out on getting their forever home. This is especially sad in kill shelters where many cats are put down every single day.

By buying a munchkin cat, you Support people who create more cats. When in reality, we should Support fewer cats. They are so abundant all over the world, and the last thing that we need is more of them.

Source: Howdini/Youtube

2. Their Life Expectancy is Shorter

A munchkin cat’s life expectancy is several years shorter than that of an average cat. An ordinary house cat can live for 15 to 20 years, while a munchkin cat lives for 12 to 15 years.

Some of this comes down to breeding and the kinds of things that happen to the animal throughout the process. But most likely, this shorter lifespan is due to their many health issues.

This is not only sad for their caretaker but, more importantly, it’s horrible for the animal. Many specially bred pets have much shorter life expectancies for various reasons. It is up to us as buyers to stop supporting the practice of breeding animals that have such a low quality of life. Oftentimes, lifespan even gets worse as the specialty breed is bred repeatedly.

3. They Have Health Issues

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy a munchkin cat is they have a lot of health issues. This can lead to unimaginable vet bills, but it is also very hard on the cat.

Munchkin cats are especially prone to lordosis, a condition that causes a curved spine, leaving them deformed. Another condition is pectus excavatum, where the chest is not properly formed, leaving the sternum and ribs improperly placed. This can kill a munchkin cat, but it can be treated if found early on but requires intensive surgery.

Munchkin cats are also prone to osteoarthritis due to their short legs. As cute as these short legs may be, they still have to hold up a full-sized cat. So their joints often begin to give them trouble with age.

Some other serious health concerns that munchkin cats face are hyperthyroidism, pancreatitis, uremia, lymphosarcoma, and feline lower urinary tract disease. These conditions all negatively impact the quality of life that munchkin cats have, and it can lower their life expectancy.

Source: Colin Assadinia/Youtube

4. Their Quality of Life is Less

You shouldn’t buy a munchkin cat because of the many issues and problems that they might face. Not only is their lifespan often cut short, but they might also face a life of complicated health issues. This is hard for an animal, and it can be hard to help them or even know if they are sick.

They also are limited in what they can do. Like any normal cat, munchkins love to jump and pounce, but their short legs prevent that. They cannot do some of the things that they instinctively want to do because of how short their legs are.

This is very sad since they have been intentionally deformed to appear cuter.

5. It Supports Breeders

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy a munchkin cat is that it supports breedersBreeders Support creating new animals, and specialty breeders Support a practice that should die away.

Specialty animals are created purely for the enjoyment of humans with little thought to the animal. Many are sickly and live difficult and short lives.

This is all done because people want a pet with a distinct look no matter how the animal may suffer. Breeders Support this demand, and the only way to stop this is to stop buying from them.

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